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Wafer Line

Wafer Biscuits Making Machine
Wafer Biscuits Making Machine
Shandong, China
High Efficiency Wafer Baking Oven
High Efficiency Wafer Baking Oven
Shandong, China
Wafer Manufacturing Machine
Wafer Manufacturing Machine
Shandong, China

Wafer Production Line is a reliable food machine designed and developed by our professional wafer cookie preparation technology team with many years of experience in food machinery manufacturing; Wafer Production Line is nowadays the best cookie machine with excellent performance and reliable quality, which can provide customers with a very good food processing line to meet the different wafer cookie needs of our customers.


Wafer Scribe Line is sought after by many cookie manufacturers at home and abroad for its first-class product quality and new cookie recipes, and it also carries the trust of every customer. Of course, in terms of price, Wafer Making Machine is also the most reasonable price to ensure customer satisfaction, save costs for customers and bring higher economic benefits.


Wafer Biscuit Machine Composition Structure.

Wafer Making Machines consist of cookie forming machines, tunnel-type hot air circulation electric baking ovens, oil spraying machines, turning machine, cooling lines, cookie finishing machines, cookie sandwiching machines, packing tables, etc.


The wafer cookies produced by Wafer Line are made of fresh, pure, branched-chain starchy, sticky glutinous rice as the main ingredient, the fat used after alkaline refining, deodorization, decolorization, hydrogenation, greasy, odorless and white, white granulated sugar finely ground into micro-fine powder; the additive purity should be high.


So how are wafer cookies made?

Wafer Biscuit Production Line Production Process
1 Wash, soak, dry, and powder glutinous rice.
2 Mix with fully dissolved sodium bicarbonate, ammonium bicarbonate, etc., and make powder dough in a certain ratio.
3 cast into the mold, baked into a cake sheet.
4 Stir the solidified edible grease continuously until it is smooth, then add sugar powder and mix well.
5 Apply on the cake sheet and stick to the whole.
6 Finally, the wafer is sawn into small pieces of various sizes to become a finished product.


Wafer Line has bright color, obvious layers, pure and sweet taste, puffy and tender texture, long shelf life, contains many kinds of vitamins, proteins, and fats, rich in nutrition and high in calories.


Wafer Line is a comprehensive domestic and foreign advanced technology that, through continuous research and development and innovation, can achieve continuous production to meet the needs of different customers for the types of cookies; it is now worth buying the ideal equipment. Moreover, all our cookie machines can produce different kinds of cookie snacks by changing the recipe and mold, which can be said to be multi-purpose, so they have been highly sought after by manufacturers.


If you plan to start a wafer cookie business, you can choose our Wafer Line machinery. We are a truly customer-oriented company that can provide a full range of services to our customers. In addition to providing a high-quality Wafer Production Line, we can provide customized services to our customers. If you tell us your production needs, our engineers will customize the best Wafer Biscuit Machine for you.


What are the advantages of the Wafer Biscuit Production Line?

Advantages of Wafer Line
1 Wafer Line is controlled by a microcomputer, which can automatically adjust the product size and is easy to use.
2 Fully automatic production methods, continuous automatic feeding, leveling, and block cutting processes can be realized with high output and high efficiency.
3 The whole Wafer Biscuit Production Line only needs 1-2 people to complete the production, and the labor cost is low.
4 Wafer Biscuit Machine is simple and easy to operate.
5 It is suitable for many cookie foods, such as shortbread cookies, wafer cookies, etc. It is widely used.
6 Wafer Making Machine is made of food-grade stainless steel, which is long-lasting, not easy to damage, and has a low maintenance cost.


Wafer Line: A Complete Buying Guide


Do you know what Wafer Scribe Line is? Do you want to start a wafer food business?

If you have questions about cookie equipment and want to know every detail about cookie equipment, then please read the following buying guide carefully.


  1. What is a wafer cookie?

A Wafer cookie is a kind of dessert snack. It is a two or multi-layer cookie with wheat flour (or glutinous rice flour) and starch as the main raw materials, adding an emulsifier, bulking agent, and other auxiliary ingredients, made into porous pieces or shapes by blending, pouring, and baking, and adding sugar, grease, and other sandwich materials between the pieces or in the middle of the shapes.


Nowadays, all the wafer cookies we see in the market are made by Wafer Line, which is popular for its crispy taste.


  1. Why is the Wafer Production Line business a hot industry?

Cookies have always been a modern snack for young and old alike, and with their high nutritional value, wafer cookies have a crispy texture and are very popular among consumers. In addition to this, there are many benefits of wafer cookies.

  1. Can relieve depression and make people excited;
  2. For concentration, memory, and improved intelligence are useful; some drivers use them as a mental stimulant to improve driving ability; exam students can also be used for brain health;
  3. It is good for controlling the cholesterol content, maintaining the elasticity of capillaries, and has the effect of preventing cardiovascular circulatory diseases;
  4. It contains as much catechuic acid as tea, which can enhance immunity, prevent cancer, interfere with the blood supply of tumors, etc.


Because of this, the cookie industry has always been the first choice of snack entrepreneurs; purchasing a suitable Wafer Biscuit Machine can help you take your business to the next level.


  1. Limitation of Wafer Line

You will understand its performance and operation method if you want to buy a Wafer Biscuit Machine.

Each machine has a lot of advantages and some limitations.

The more features, the easier it is to operate, and the bigger the machine, the more profit you can make, but at the same time, the price is not low. The better the machine, the higher the price will be.

But the Wafer Scribe Line we offer you will be the most cost-effective and best-priced machine on the market.


  1. How to Verify Quality of Wafer Making Machines

It is very important to purchase a reliable Wafer Line that meets quality standards to ensure the durability and safety of the machine. Ensuring the safety of your factory and workers is crucial.


The quality standards you need to look for include

International Standards Organization (ISO) certification to international manufacturing standards.

Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) will ensure that your machines meet current manufacturing practices.

This includes all the latest and most advanced technology.

CE ensures the safety of all electrical components of the Wafer Biscuit Machine.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) ensures the high quality of the cookie is hygienic and safe.


  1. How to Troubleshoot Wafer Biscuit Production Line

Many problems may occur when the Wafer Line is in use, and some of these problems can be dealt with in the following ways.

(1) According to the specific Wafer Line performance to develop relevant equipment management system, by the equipment power department to develop, issued to the workshop to implement, so that equipment management has rules to follow.

The Wafer Making Machines Department makes (2) Equipment documentation record forms, and the shop records the operation lead shift leader, including forms for point inspection records, monthly inspection records, quarterly major inspection records, etc.

(3) To strengthen supervision, the Equipment Department and Production Department will set up an inspection team to inspect the workshop from time to time every day.

(4) According to the details of each equipment manual, the equipment will be maintained and cleaned on time to ensure maximum utilization.

(5) The production and equipment departments will make the relevant Wafer Making Machine inspection manual and distribute it to the workshop shift supervisors, who will be responsible for observing and implementing it to increase the employees' awareness of equipment maintenance.


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