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Feed Production Line

Floating Fish Feed Pellet Machine
Floating Fish Feed Pellet Machine
Shandong China
Floating Fish Feed Production Line With Capacity Of 300-400kg/h
Floating Fish Feed Production Line With Capacity Of 300-400kg/h
Shandong China
Fish feed processing line
Fish feed processing line
Shandong China
Automatic Shrimp Feed Pellet Machine
Automatic Shrimp Feed Pellet Machine
Fish Feed Making Machine 
Fish Feed Making Machine 
Shandong China
Floating Fish Feed Extruder Machine
Floating Fish Feed Extruder Machine
Shandong, China

Dry pet food manufacturing process as bellow :
Crushing Raw Materials - Preparing Raw Materials - Mixing - Conveying - Extruding And Puffing - Drying - Spraying Oil - Seasoning - Cooling - Packing

crushing raw materials - preparing raw materials - mixing - conveying - extruding and puffing - drying - spraying oil - seasoning - cooling - packing

First of all, you need to crush the raw materials that need to be prepared, such as meat, beans, etc., and then the crushed raw materials for preparation, configuration is complete, the prepared raw materials for mixing, and then conveyed through the elevator into the extruder for full extrusion expansion, and then into the oven for drying, drying is complete, you can enter the oil spray machine for spraying, spraying oil after the pet feed will be shinier and better, the next step is to seasoning, seasoning the pet feed will be more delicious, pets will like to eat more. Then enter the conveyor cooling feed easier to place in storage, and finally packaging, the entire production process of pet feed to this end, the finished product can be directly used to sell, the whole process is fully automated, significantly saving labor costs to increase the production efficiency.

Loyal pet feed production line integrates advanced pet feed production technology from home and abroad and allows continuous automatic pet feed production. 
Our pet feed production line can change the shape of pet feed by changing different molds. Cute and novel shape, various types of cat and dog food, dog food, and fish feed are loved by the public, and it is an ideal machine for continuous production of pet feed to meet the market demand.
Our pet feed production equipment is made of food-grade stainless steel, and our elevators are also made of food-grade PVC. 
The highly automated pet feed production can not only produce stable quality products but also reduce your production costs, and purchasing a high-quality production line will surely provide you with high profitability and maximize your benefits.

Pet Food Production Process Description Of Technical Parameter

Machine Of Pet Food Line

Equipment Of Pet Production Line Parts Detail

Equiment Of Pet Food Processing Plant Function

Screw Conveyor


Screw Conveyor Can Not Only Convey On The Level But Also By Any Angel These Materials Can Be Conveyed In The Stainless Steel Roller Without Leaking, Dust Pollution; Meanwhile It Can Send The Self-Mixer To The Feeding Machine Or The Conditioner And Directly Send The Discharge Hole Of The Inflating Extruder.

Input Voltage380v/50hz

Installed Capacity1.1kw

Power Consumption1.1kw



Ly 65 Double Screw Extruder

Model: Ly65

Rice Powder, Corn Powder, Millet Powder, Wheat Powder, Oats, Buckwheat, Bean, Starch, Etc.
Series Of Double-Screw Extruder Mainly Consist Of Feeding System, Extruding System, Cutting System, Heating System, Lubricating System And Controlling System.
Automatic Lubricating And Forced Cooling Make Sure That Extruder Performs Safely And Extends Using Life.
Feeding System, Extruding System And Cutting System All Adopt Frequency Conversion Timing To Gain Powerful Drive, Stable Perform, And Electricity Saving.
Screw Are Made Of Alloy And Processed By Special Technique To Possess High Intensity, Abrasion Resistant And Longer Using Life.


Main Motor:22kw

Heating Power:10kw

Feed Motor:0.75kw Frequency

Cutting Motor:0.75kw Frequency

Oil Pump: 0.37kw Frequency

Screws Material:38crmoal/38

Screw Diameter:65mm

Screw Length:1050mm

Barrel Material:45#Customize Steel

Air Conveyor


This Kind Of Oven Has A Wide Range Of Application. It Can Dry All Shapes Of Puffing Food, Including Strip, Lump, Granular Materials Etc, As Well As Other Types Of Materials. Users Can Choose Different Types With Different Layer, Length, And Heating Mode.
It Has Compact Design And Easy Operation.
The Oven Is Droved With Double Pitch Roller Chain And Heats Materials Circularly. It Runs Smoothly, Never Obstruction.
Roasting Temperature And Time Can Be Adjusted, Effect Of Roasting Is Perfect.
With High Efficiency Fuel Saving System, Reasonable Heat Distribution, Material Is Heated Equally, Low Energy But Large Output.

Input Voltage380v/50hz

Installed Capacity0.75kw

Power Consumption0.75kw



Used To Carry Products To The Next Device.

Three-Layers Dryer (Electrical)

3 Layer, Electric Type


Installation Power: 45kw

Driving: 0.75kw

Heating Power:44.25kw

Dry Time: About 20 Minutes

Dimension: 5200*1200*2300mm

How Do I Start A Pet Food Business With Pet Feed Production Line In Pet Food Industry?

Loyal pet feed production line is summed up by a number of pet feed manufacturing technical engineers who have more than ten years of pet food processing experience. 
Loyal pet food production line manufacturers has a number of pet food processing project technology patents, which can provide you with the most detailed formula and pet food manufacturing process documents, which can save pet food processing plant costs while improving Good development in thepet food manufacturing equipment manufacturing industry makes your pet food production  project profitable in the dog fish pet feed manufacturing industry. 

While the exact profit a business makes depends on how large it grows to be, a successful pet food business could break a six-figure annual profit with margins like these.
once your i start a pet food business with pet feed production line in pet food industry .
pet food businesses can be extremely profitable.
Businesses that provide organic and gourmet pet foods can see profit margins as high as 40 percent.

Industrial Pet Food Processing Line


Manufacturing Equipment List


Flour Mixer


Screw Conveyor


Double Screw Extruder


Air Conveyor


Multi-Layers Dryer (Electrical)


Multi-Layers Dryer (Gas)


Food Grade PVC Hoister


Rolling Flavoring Machine


Seasoning Powder Machine


Oil Sprayer


Cooling Conveyor

How to Start a Successful Dog or Cat Food Business ?

Do you have an idea to start a pet feed production business?

If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us, and we will reply to you patiently.

1. How is the pet feed made?

Our production line mainly uses meat meal, fish meal, bone meal, soybean meal, etc., as the raw materials for producing pet feed. These raw materials are crushed and prepared, mixed and conveyed, extruded and puffed, dried, sprayed and flavored, cooled and packed, and finally formed into the final pet feed.


2. Why is pet feed popular?

Because pet feed can provide essential growth elements for pets, to help pets grow, especially for a large number of customers raising pets, feeding pet feed saves time and trouble, can make pets grow more robust, for small pets raised by families, they feed is also more convenient and fast, and non-polluting very clean and sanitary easy to carry, pet feed has a variety of nutrients, can make pets The pet feed has a variety of nutrients to make the bones of the pet more robust, so the pet feed is trendy.


3. What is the output of our pet feed production line?

Our minimum output is 100-150kg/h, in the middle there are also 200-250kg/h, 400-500kg/h. We also have a large output pet feed production line, such as one ton per hour, two tons three tons per hour. You can also tell our salesman the output you want, and we are able to customize it according to the output you need.


4. How much does it cost to buy a pet feed production line?

A standard pet feed production line includes crushing raw materials - preparing raw materials - mixing - conveying - extruding - drying - oil spraying - flavoring - cooling - packaging, etc.

The price of a pet feed production line is different for different output configurations. 100-150kg/h pet feed production line is about $26,000 because the cost of our raw materials is uncertain, so the specific price needs to be quoted instantly through our sales staff when you purchase.


5. How to store pet feed in the hot summer?

Summer weather is too hot food is prone to moisture deterioration. You need to put desiccant in the feed or buy a can that can be sealed, or you can take a large clip, clip the opening of the pet feed bag to prevent it from moisture deterioration.


6. What heating methods are available for the pet feed production line?

Generally, everyone uses electric heating, but in some areas, the electricity is not sufficient, unstable, or the price is high, then you can choose the gas heating method. Both heating methods are possible, depending on your own local conditions, and then make a reasonable choice, either electric heating or gas heating is available, but the price of electric heating is generally lower than that of gas heating.


7. What are the models of our pet feeds?

Shandong Loyal Industrial Co.,Ltd. has many models such as LY65, LY70, LY85, LY90, and so on. Each model corresponds to a different output, and we can guarantee that whichever model you buy will be the most cost-effective machine so that you will be more satisfied when you choose and use it.


8. What is the origin of pet feed?

Pet feed is originated in England, in 1860, electrician sales manager of the United States James Spratt in England to promote when he saw his ship left cookies were eaten by some dogs, and then he immediately brought other ingredients to mix them all together, so the simplest pet food was born.


9. What is the future of pet feed?

The sales of pet feed in China have been increasing in recent years, and the prospects for pet food are unlimited.

Because take the friends around, they are very fond of pets, and many have been feeding pets, they buy feed for pets every month need about 100-300 yuan, so it can be seen that people are willing to spend money to buy pet feed, and not a purchase, will be every month for their pets to feed the supplement so that the market for pet feed is still huge.


10. How to maintain the machines in the pet feed production line?

First of all, when the machine breaks down, it should be eliminated promptly and accurately, not delayed, and not repaired for other reasons because the accumulation of minor problems can cause significant damage to the machine. If the pet feed production line has been working continuously, there must be dust generated, and if it is not cleaned up and continues to be used, there will be great hidden dangers for the operation of the machine. When the production line stops running, the dust on the device must be cleaned up in time; maintenance is essential for the machine. Finally, on the lubrication of accessories, accessories in use for a period of time must be regularly lubricated accessories, adding lubricant to the equipment to extend the service life of the equipment.


11. What are the limitations of a pet feed production line?

The first point is that you may not understand how to start pet feed production and where to start the initial business progress.

The second point is that the financial problem is also a problem to consider, our customers also have loans for the purchase of equipment, we generally pay a deposit for the production of the machine first, and then collect the final payment after the machine is completed for your delivery.

The third point, we do not include transportation costs. If you need to book their own ship booking, it is necessary to contact them well in advance to confirm the relevant receiving address and time.


12. How to produce pet feed in large quantities?

Our production line has a large production capacity; if you need to produce pet feed in large quantities, you can purchase our pet feed production line with a production capacity of several tons per hour to have large quantities.


13. How to prevent frequent problems and failures of pet feed production lines?

First of all, we must clean the dust deposited on the machine and the food residue in the machine in time, which is beneficial to the health of the food and can extend the life of the machine, which will also greatly reduce the possibility of problems and failures, and at the same time reduce the cost of maintenance and increase revenue.


14. What is the production process of pet food?

First of all, you need to crush the raw materials that need to be prepared, such as meat, beans, etc., and then the crushed raw materials for preparation, configuration is complete, the prepared raw materials for mixing, and then through the elevator conveyor into the extruder for full extrusion puffing, and then into the oven for drying, drying is complete, you can enter the oil spraying machine for oil spraying, oil spraying pet feed will be shinier and better, the next step is to seasoning, seasoning the pet feed will be more delicious, pets will like to eat more. Then enter the conveyor cooling to make the feed easier to place in storage, and finally packaging, the entire production process of pet feed. To this end, the finished product can be directly used to sell.


15. How to maintain the pet feed production line?

First of all, we must pay attention to cleanliness, why cleanliness in the first place, because after all, pet food is used by pets to eat, focus on cleaning the pile of materials will make the operation of the machine more accessible, and this can extend the service life of the machine. Secondly, we should focus on adding lubricant to the machine's accessories regularly; adding lubricant to the device will operate more smoothly and generate a great increase in performance.


16. Which countries do we export our pet feed production lines to?

India, Egypt, Bangladesh, and many other countries have our export production line


17. Which is the important part of the pet feed production line?

One of the important parts of the pet feed production line is puffing, which is a method of food processing, is to put the processed material into a closed container by heating the pressure and then suddenly reduce the stress so that the food will form a hole, and then the taste will become crispy so that the pet feed made by the pet will be more willing to eat.


18. What are the shapes of the pet feed production line?

Our pet feed production line molds are available in oval, bone, triangle, plum, and other shapes; if you need different styles, we can also customize your own exclusive molds; we will give you some of the molds when you buy the equipment if there is a need to customize the style of the mold need to buy their own.


19. After-sales service of pet feed production line

Before the sale, we have exceptional sales staff to answer your questions patiently; after the sale, we also have a professional team to solve and follow up on your after-sales machine problems, our machine warranty within one year


20. Do we have our own factory to produce a pet feed production line?

We have our own factory in Jinan, Shandong Province. You are very welcome to visit our factory, and we will have someone to receive you. If you are not convenient to go out and pass during the epidemic, we can also see the factory by video or get a third party to see the factory instead of you. And we have a professional technical team, sales team, and after-sales team to make your purchase worry-free.


21.What are the advantages we have compared with other pet feed production line suppliers?

Our advantages are mainly reflected in the details of the machine. Every line under the control cabinet is carefully combed by our technicians, which is neat and clean. The extruder is also of high quality and low price, as well as our elevator, which is made of food-grade PVC, which is safer and more secure to use.


22. Is the taste of the pet feed produced by our machine popular locally?

This you can rest assured because after placing an order we will provide you with a secret recipe, many manufacturers will add bone meal, meat meal, etc. in the raw materials, we provide customers with the recipe have been very well received, are sold well in the local, the specific content of the recipe will need to be provided to you after placing an order.


23. What is the use of our pet feed packaging bags?

Bags can be used in a variety of forms, back-sealed or non-back-sealed, the way the bag and the design of the outside picture can be customized according to your needs, if you do not know what style to make, you can go to the supermarket to see what the general pet feed bags are like, and then choose their preferred style to send us the appropriate length, width and height and the style of the outer packaging of the picture, we can proceed to We can then proceed with the production of production.


24. Is there an economical version or a high-quality version of the pet feed production line?

We can make both economic version and high-quality version, mainly according to customers' needs. The financial performance is suitable for customers with low budgets or newbies engaged in pet feed production. The quality of the economic version is also very good. The high-end version is more suitable for customers who have already involved in the production of related pet feeds, have some experience, and want to expand the market to take the high-end route. We will recommend the correct version for you according to your budget.


25. How to design the pet feed production line factory according to its size?

Our technicians can provide you with appropriate length, width, and height CAD drawings to help you design your factory. Suppose you want to reserve a site for workers' activities. In that case, you can inform our salesman. We will make the appropriate designation of your program according to the specific needs so that the site is more suitable, not to waste every bit of space, and use the site reasonably to prevent the machine more smoothly.


26. Why choose Shandong Loyal Industrial Co.,Ltd.?

Shandong Loyal Industrial Co.,Ltd.'s pet feed production line is advanced production equipment for continuous production of different kinds of pet feeds, which can produce various shapes of oval, bone, triangle, plum shape by changing the shape of the mold, suitable for all kinds of pet food. Automatic production can not only save the workforce but also reduce the production cost to reduce the space occupation. Secondly, when you purchase the pet feed production line, we will make the best plan for you. We will train your team and provide after-sales service, including installation, consultation, and maintenance. Many famous companies are using our pet feed production line. Nowadays, pet feed is widely popular, and the demand correspondence of pet feed production lines is also increasing. If you also want to produce high-quality pet feed, welcome to contact and communicate with us. We will provide you with the most favorable price and the best service! Let customer satisfaction is our eternal pursuit.

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