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Biscuit Making Machine

Introduction Of  Biscuit Making Machine
Introduction Of  Biscuit Making Machine
Shandong, China
Automatic Biscuit Production Line
Automatic Biscuit Production Line
Shandong China
Biscuit Sandwiching Machines
Biscuit Sandwiching Machines
Shandong China
Automatic Cookies Making Machines
Automatic Cookies Making Machines
Shandong China
Fully Automatic Biscuit Making Machines
Fully Automatic Biscuit Making Machines
Shandong China


The biscuit production line is composed of cookie forming machine, electric baking oven, oil spraying machine, turning machine, cooling line, cookie finishing machine, packing table and so on. The whole line is controlled by CPU module, back hung motor drive, compact structure and high degree of automation. The machine can also produce various flavors of high quality cookies, such as cream, jam, etc.


The biscuit production line adopts advanced technology at home and abroad, uses the best quality food-grade materials, and is equipped with many different models, allowing manufacturers to produce various types of chocolate sandwich cookies, hard cookies, and soda cookies according to market demand. The equipment has very mature technology, the critical components of the control and operation more accurate and safe, while the manufacturer can provide perfect after-sales service. This machine is the major manufacturers are competing to buy the equipment.



Process flow: Flour Mixer→Shaping&Cutting→Controller→Baking Oven→Spraying Oil→Cooling→Packing


First, we need to prepare all the ingredients and flour, follow the recipe to ensure the exact amount of ingredients, and then place these ingredients in the Dough Maker to be mixed.


The next formed dough will go into the Compound Rolling and Shaping Machine, including roll printing and roll cutting, and then creating various shapes of biscuits according to the machine model.


Once the biscuit shapes are made, the biscuits will go into the baking oven.

Then the biscuits go to the Oiling Sprayer for flavoring and oiling.

After oil spraying, the biscuits enter the Cooling Machine.

Finally, put the biscuits into the package.


Advantage Of Biscuit Making Machine


The Biscuit Machine Occupies a Small Area And Consumes Less, Small Workshop Can Also Start Production Easily.


Biscuit Machine There Are Many Types Of Molds And Product Designs. One Machine Can Produce Crispy Biscuits, Tough Biscuits, Chocolate Biscuits, Such As Cream Biscuits, Sandwich Biscuits, Soda Biscuits, Animal Biscuits, Vegetable Biscuits


Biscuit Making Machine Can Produce 24 Hours Continuously Every Day.


Fully Automatic Small Biscuit Machine Requires Fewer Workers, 2-3 Workers Can Complete The Whole Process From Raw Material Mixing To Packaging,


The Operation Is Simple, And The Workers Can Easily Operate The Machine After Training.


No Industrial Pollution And No Waste.


The variety of tastes and textures are bound to delight, perfect for a wide range of occasions and appetites. 
our  biscuit equiment line team have many kind of biscuit Process and formula ,it.s free
Here's a brief sampling of a few of the best.



If you love biscuits, do you want to make biscuits and carry out the business of biscuit machinery?

All questions about biscuit and Biscuit Making Machines will be answered below.


1. Reasons for the popularity of biscuit

Biscuits are resistant to storage and easy to carry with a variety of flavors and a flaky texture. Biscuits as a snack is a complementary food. It contains a variety of flavors, shapes and is therefore favored by consumers.


2. How are the biscuits made?

Flour is the main component, and salt, yeast, baking soda, oil as auxiliary ingredients, put in the oven. Manufacturers need to produce with the help of professional Biscuit Making Machines and equipment.


3. What direct materials are used in the production of biscuits?

The main ingredients of biscuits: wheat flour with added sugar, fat, eggs, and dairy products.

The main components of biscuits are flour and sugar. The proportion of these two ingredients varies with the type and nature of the biscuit.


4. How to mass-produce cookies?

Nowadays, cookies have become a popular food worldwide, and the market prospect is considerable. In the competitive market, manufacturers improve production efficiency to expand production is an effective way to seize the market. In the technology time, if you want to mass produce biscuits, you need to use a professional Biscuit Making Machine.

The larger the machine, the greater the production capacity, but the actual production situation of each manufacturer will be different, which requires manufacturers to choose the equipment that best meets their production needs according to their exact position, including the size of the production site or warehouse, the expected demand, the size of the machine, etc. In addition, production capacity will also determine the level of automation of the equipment. For a factory, the use of fully automated production equipment is essential.


5. How Biscuits Making Machine work?

The factory will use professional equipment Biscuit Making Machine for batch production of biscuits. The device is developed according to the market demand and can produce many different cookies, a kind of continuous production equipment.

Flour Mixer→Shaping&Cutting→Controller→Baking Oven→Spraying Oil→Cooling→Packing

The biscuit-making machine comprises several parts, and each part can work together perfectly to produce delicious biscuits.

A fully Automatic Biscuit Making Machine can make many different types of biscuits. Such as cream biscuit, sandwiching biscuit, soda cracker biscuit, vegetable biscuit, etc. There are diversify heating sources for your operation (electric, gas, fuel oil).

As one professional Biscuit Making Machine manufacturer, we can offer small, medium, and large biscuit production lines. The Biscuit Making Machine has a reasonable price, reliable quality, and professional service! Our company provides customers full set service. Cost accounting, machine design, cookie recipes, machine installation and debugging, design cookie molds according to customer requirements.


6. How to clean the Biscuit Production Line?

1. Check whether the power is cut off before preparing for cleaning to ensure the personal safety of the cleaning personnel,

2. Pay attention to the details and the cleaning of the corners when cleaning. Thorough cleaning can ensure food safety,

3. When cleaning, be careful to avoid damage to the machine, which can extend the service life of the biscuit production line and ensure the safety of the machine.

The above three points are the three safety precautions required when cleaning the biscuit production line, namely personal safety, food safety, and machine safety. Only with the details can we produce higher quality products.


7. How much Biscuits Making Machine Cost?

We received more than 80 orders for biscuit production line per month, for this reason, we can purchase material and produce biscuit production lines in large quantities, then we saved production costs for our customers, so we have a very competitive price in the market.

We offered a reasonable price to support each customer start a good business. You can study and find that our price was best in the same market.

What is the cost of biscuit making machine?

Our biscuit making machine is summed up by a number of biscuit making process technical engineers who have more than ten years of experience. 
Loyal industrial biscuit making machine has a number of biscuit production line project technology patents, which can provide you with the most detailed formula and process documents, which can save biscuit equipment costs while improving Good development in the biscuit manufacturing machines manufacturing industry makes automatic biscuit making plant project profitable in the biscuit manufacturing industry. 

Machines Price For The Industrial Biscuit Production Line

Automatic Biscuit Making Machine Model






Whole Line Weight(Kg)











Total Power(Kw) Electric Baking Type





Dough MixingBiscuit FormingFlavor SprinklingBakingOil SprayingCoolingStackingPacking

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The raw material of  industrial Automatic biscuit making equipment is The main ingredients for biscuit making are flours, sugars and fats. To these ingredients, various small ingredients may be added for leavening, flavour and texture. The principle ingredient of biscuits is wheat flour. Wheat flour contains proteins including gliadin and glutenin.


How Are Biscuits Made In Industry?

Loyal industrial provide users with hundreds of kinds of molds and dozens of craft formula, 
To chang the mold and  biscuit process recipe can produce market popular high-end cookies, such as cream biscuits, cookies, thin biscuits, soda crackers multidimensional, animal crackers, biscuits, vegetables biscuit etc.
Automatic biscuit production line of the digestion and absorption ten years biscuit equipment technology developed from shandong loyal industrial equipment design, compact structure, high degree of automation, from the feed rolling, forming, waste recycling, drying, coating, cooling automatic one-time completion.

The biscuit production line adopts advanced technology at home and abroad, uses the best quality food-grade materials, and is equipped with many different models, allowing manufacturers to produce various types of chocolate sandwich cookies, hard cookies, and soda cookies according to market demand. The equipment has very mature technology, the critical components of the control and operation more accurate and safe, while the manufacturer can provide perfect after-sales service. This machine is the major manufacturers are competing to buy the equipment.


1.Soft Biscuit:(the shape and pattern can be made according to customer)

Biscuit manufacturing process Flour Mixing---Soft Biscuit Forming---Biscuit Baking---Oil Spraying---Biscuit Stacking ---Cooling And Sterilization ---Biscuit Packing

The appearance of short biscuits is an obvious pattern. Most of them are protruding patterns; the structure is fine and soft, the holes are more significant, the sugar and oil content is higher than that of tough biscuits.


Biscuits are baked with flour and water or milk without yeast and can be used as storage food for travel, sailing, hiking, and as backup food for military personnel in times of war. The biscuit category contains biscuits, soda crackers, and pizza crackers, which are effective in regulating the immune system, supplementing nutrition, and replenishing energy.


2. Hard Biscuit:(the shape and pattern can be made according to customer)

The primary raw materials for making hard biscuits are: flour, starch, sugar (used in the form of syrup), caramel, eggs, fat, ammonium bicarbonate, sodium bicarbonate, sodium metabisulfite, concentrated lecithin, spices, etc


Most of the hard biscuit is a concave flower; its appearance is smooth, the surface is flat, the impression is clear, the cross-sectional structure is layered, chewing has a crunchy feeling, chewy, the surface has a pinhole


3.Sandwiching biscuit

All working procedures are from flour mixing, molding, waste recycling, baking to cooling and can be fully automatic in Biscuit Sandwiching Machines. Hundreds of models and dozens of technology recipes make it to produce all kinds of famous biscuits, such as cream biscuits, sandwich biscuits, soda crackers, vegetable biscuits, from the Shandong Loyal Industrial Co.,Ltd.


Feature 1: It is necessary to change the packaging type and only use gear to complete, do not dismantle the equipment or other accessories


Feature 2: The entire contact area with cream, jam, nougat, and biscuits is made of stainless steel, which is made in full accordance with European food requirements. (Including the discharge dies, gear, pump body, etc., are all 304 materials).

Industrial Automatic Biscuit Production Line Of Technical Parameter

Automatic 2+1 Biscuit Sandwiching

Function2+1CreamJamBiscuit Sandwiching Machinery

Rectangle Biscuit :

L30-75mm ,(W)30-60mm, (H)3-8mm

Square Biscuit:

W30-60, (H)3-8mm

Round Biscuit:Φ30-60 Mm (W)30-60 Mm (H)3-8mm

Output:100-400 Pcs/Minute Materials: Stainless Steel


Voltage:380v/60hz 3phase(Can Be Changed)

Input Power2.85kg

Flour Mixer

Voltage: Three Phase 380v/50hz Materials: Stainless Steel Dimension: 1.2x0.6x1m

Function: Kneading Flour Machine Is Stirring Machine Which Crumples Up Flour Powder And Water Into Dough Or Other Materials And Is Independently Used With Other Machines.

Model: Dcldrc Power: 1.1kw

Voltage: Three Phase 380v/50hz Materials: Stainless Steel

Overall Dimension:3000*500*1300 Mm

Roll Cut Biscuit Form Machine

Function: After Putting Stirring Flour Powder Into The Machine, They Are One Time Shaped Into Unripe Biscuit, All Kinds Of Middle And High Grade Biscuit And Thin Biscuit Through Three Stages Roller And Roll Cutting Molds.


Model: Dcldc Materials: Stainless Steel

Overall Dimension:2*0.25*0.50 M Function: Cooling The Finished Biscuit To Make Biscuit More Cracker Prolong The Shelf Life Of Packaged.

Electrical Control Box

Electric Control Cabinet Is Used To Control Temperature And Speed.


Size0.65* 0.3 *0.97m

2 Sets Molds Free Charge.

Exceed One Will Charge Usd150/Set

Automatic Pillow Packing Machine

A. The Maximum Packaging Capacity Of A Single Packaging Machine: 35-220 Bags/Min;.

B. Bag Length Error: ≤±3mm.

C. Qualified Rate Of Bagging: 99%

D. Packaging Film Width: 80-240 Mm

E. Bag Size: Length 60-160 Mm, Width 35-115 Mm, Height Within 35mm

F. Total Power: 2.7kw

G. Main Motor Power: 0.6kw

H. Heating Power: 2.1kw

I. Machine Noise 65 Decibels

J. Machine Net Weight: 450kg

K. Dimensions: (Length × Width × Height) 4000 × 920 × 1600 (Mm)

L. Power Supply Type: Ac220v±5%; 50hz/60hz

M. Packaging Film Materials: Opp, Pe, Pvc, Opp/Cpp, Pt/Pe, Kop/Cpp, Aluminum Film, Etc.


Is Biscuit Manufacturing Profitable?

This automatic Biscuit Making Machine is applied for biscuit crispy cake production. This machine s easy operation with the adjustable cutting knife.

Automatic Biscuit Production Line can roll the dough into different shapes and weights. The pressing roller is special designed to allow the knife to be evenly cut and easy for replacement.

Besides, Fully Automatic Biscuit Making Machines can be equipped with a tunnel oven or hot air rotary oven for mass production. Fully Automatic Biscuit Making Manufacturing Plant can produce Trough toughening, crisp type forming machine, can produce the hard biscuit, cake biscuit, walnut cake biscuits, the thickness can be adjusted.

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