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Automatic Powder Packaging Machine
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Vertical Back Seal Automatic Packaging Machine
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Shandong Loyal Industrial Co., Ltd.'s fully automatic packaging machine is a new type of equipment developed and manufactured by our company. The manufacturing process draws on advanced technology at home and foreign, and thorough analysis of market needs, it is carefully developed by a professional manufacturing team. Our technology The staff are professionals with more than ten years of experience in making packaging machine equipment. Its advanced technology, reasonable structure, superior performance, and reliable quality can be ideal equipment.


A Full-automatic packaging machine is a kind of machine that packs products, which plays a role in protection and beauty. The product has a wide range of uses, suitable for food, medicine, and other highly-compatible fields. At present, the automatic packaging machine has become the best choice for many food processing companies because of its convenient use and cleanliness, no manual work is required, a lot of labor costs are saved, production input costs are reduced, and the operation is simple and easy to use. Shandong Loyal Industrial Co.,Ltd.'s after-sales service promises that in the later period, we will have professional technicians to guide your company employees in the use of the machine, until you can use them very skillful, to eliminate all difficulties for you.


We are very confident in our machinery and equipment, and we believe that you can buy a fully automatic packaging machine that you are satisfied with from us. You will also be proud of our machines. At present, Shandong Loyal Industrial Co., Ltd. relies on a strong technical force and powerful sales capabilities. The company’s main products are at the leading level in the domestic industry. Our products are sold to all provinces, cities, autonomous regions, and municipalities and exported to Russia, the Philippines, India, Myanmar, Vietnam, and other countries.


If you want to buy a fully automatic packaging machine, Shandong Loyal Industrial Co., Ltd. is your first choice because, since the company's establishment, it has always insisted on taking the customer as the center and taking seriously every link of R&D and production. Our personnel are extremely responsible, carefully researching and developing the manufacturing equipment,adhering to the scientific rigorous attitude, to ensure that each equipment produced is superior in performance, reliable in quality, and stable in operation. Moreover, our equipment is of high quality and low price. While guaranteeing the quality of machinery and equipment, we can also assure you that our price is also competitive among peers.


More instructions:

Shandong Loyal Industrial Co., Ltd has various options for automatic packaging machine equipment, including system integration packaging machines, pillow-type automatic packaging machines, and vertical packaging machines. Our equipment adopts a PLC control interface display screen, which is installed near the control panel to easily observe the inside. The internal material of our machinery is hard, high-temperature resistant, and does not require special ambient temperature. It can work continuously for 24 hours. Our equipment works very efficiently, and the price is guaranteed to make you satisfied. The best automatic packaging machine has stable performance and fast packaging speed, up to 1200 bags per hour. Its built-in dust removal function can effectively avoid dust pollution caused by packaging powdery materials.


In addition, we have a set of professional testing standards, and we will conduct mechanical debugging and parts quality inspection before shipment to ensure that the product has good performance and can withstand the inspection.


Buying guide ~ help you buy the right product

1. Components of the fully automatic packaging machine:

Packing machine is a general term for machines for product production and outsourcing. Mainly divided into two parts:

1) Assembled production and packaging, also known as system packaging machine. It is suitable for the packaging of bulk items that require high measurement accuracy and are fragile, such as puffed food, crispy rice, jelly, candies, pistachios, dumplings, glutinous rice balls, chocolate, pet food, miscellaneous grains, small hardware, medicinal materials, etc.

main feature:

a) Automatically complete the entire feeding, metering, filling and bag making, date printing, inflation (exhaust), and finished product output.

b) High measuring accuracy, high efficiency, and no shattering.


2) Product peripheral packaging equipment, used for spraying (printing) the production date, sealing, shrinking film, etc. after the product is produced


Mainly include: filling machine, sealing machine, inkjet printer, packing machine, shrinking machine, packaging machine, etc.

Among them, it can be divided into vertical packaging machines and pillow-type automatic packaging machines.

a) Vertical packaging machine, mainly used for packaging all kinds of the granular, strip, and flake solid materials such as puffed food, shrimp crackers, peanuts, popcorn, rice, chocolate, melon seeds, etc.

Main features:

1). PLC computer program control, cylinder drive, high-precision structure, simple and convenient operation, and maintenance.


2). The interface uses light-touch buttons, which are easy to operate, and all actions are completed at one time through the operating window.


3). From filling, bag making, date printing, inflation (venting) to complete the entire process at one time.


b) The pillow-type automatic packaging machine is suitable for packaging various solid objects such as biscuits, bread, instant noodles, and masks.

Main features:

1). Double frequency conversion control, bag length is set and cut immediately, in one step.


2). Reasonable design, stable performance, PLC computer control, simple and convenient operation.


3). High-sensitivity electric eye can automatically and accurately track and digitally input the sealing and cutting position to make the sealing and cutting position more accurate.


4). Positioned stop function, no sticking to the knife, no waste of packaging film.


2. Operation process of fully automatic packaging machine:

1) When the main motor is started, the related mechanical transmission device on the main motor drive device runs, the printing motor also starts to run, and other electrical appliances are also running, such as heaters, air compressors, and compound pumps.


2) When the packaging bag enters the cutter part after being printed and dried, use the main cutter to cut it into the required length, and then start to enter the packaging part, which requires the main motor and printing motor to match, and the packaging bag in our machine will not be folded.


3) When the packaging bag enters the packaging part, it must be glued and heated first, then enter the bottom sticker part, and then bond with the bottom sticker ribbon before proceeding to the next step.

Among them, the bottom sticking ribbon is driven by the bottom sticking motor, which has a strict matching relationship with the main motor in speed, so the bottom of the bag can be accurately docked. After the bottom is pasted, it is sent to the output port through the conveyor belt, the solenoid valve controls the quantity, then the required quantity is sent out.

The automatic packaging machine can realize automatic bag loading, bag grabbing, automatic weighing, automatic entrainment through the entraining device, material filling, automatic conveying, automatic folding and sealing, and conveying to the next working process through the conveyor belt. The whole process only needs one person to look at the machine. Compared with the previous packaging machine, which requires about three people to work, it greatly saves labor costs.


3. Working principle of automatic packaging machine:

The quality of product packaging is directly related to the accuracy of the temperature system, the host's speed, and the tracking system's stability. After the machine is running, the film mark sensor continuously detects the film mark (color mark), and the tracking microswitch of the mechanical part detects the position of the machine.

Due to the frequency conversion speed regulation, the chain transmission is greatly reduced, the stability and reliability of the machine operation are improved, and the noise of the machine operation is reduced. It ensures the packaging machine's high-efficiency, low-loss, automatic detection, and other multi-functions, full-automatic high-tech level. Although the application function of the transmission system used in the automatic packaging machine is relatively simple, it puts forward higher requirements on the dynamic performance of the transmission, and the system needs faster dynamic following performance and higher speed stability accuracy.

The tracking system is the control core of the packaging machine. It adopts forward and reverses two-way tracking to improve the tracking accuracy further.

The tracking system can compensate and correct the errors in the production process of packaging materials in a timely manner, avoiding the waste of packaging materials. If the inspection fails to meet the technical requirements after tracking the predetermined number of times, it can automatically stop for inspection to avoid the generation of waste; due to the use of frequency conversion speed regulation, the chain transmission is greatly reduced, the stability and reliability of the machine operation are improved, and The noise of the machine running. It ensures the packaging machine's high efficiency, low-loss, automatic detection, and other multi-functional, fully automatic high technical levels.


4. Features of automatic packaging machine:

1. The automatic packaging machine can realize automatic packing bag sorting, automatic bag opening and suction, automatic movement of the bag, automatic weighing, counting, filling, mobile output, importing the automatic sewing machine, and automatic folding and sewing of bags. Realize the full automation of the whole packaging process, digital unmanned, environmental protection, and low energy consumption.

2. The unit adopts touch screen control, which is very convenient for operation, specification switching, and maintenance, safe and reliable. The equipment has a complete automatic detection program, automatic correction, automatic fault detection prompts, and convenient care. The operation of the equipment is personalized, without manual involvement, and the fault automatically alarms to prompt the operator of the fault location, fault phenomenon, and fault detection and treatment methods.

3. The automatic packaging machine can be applied to any technological production line that needs to be packed in packaging bags to realize the automation of the material packaging process.


5. Advantages of automatic packaging machine:

 Suppose you want to create the greatest benefit for yourself within the specified time. In that case, you must ensure that your food packaging production line is running well and that there will be no errors in the production process to avoid the impact of errors and failures as much as possible. The enterprise gets the most benefits. The level of automation is constantly improving in the manufacturing industry, and the scope of application is expanding. In the packaging machinery industry, fully automatic packaging machines are changing the packaging process and the processing methods of packaging containers and materials. A packaging system that realizes automatic control can a) greatly improve production efficiency and product quality and significantly eliminate errors caused by packaging procedures and printing and labeling. The program automatically controls the entire working process. The entire operation link can be set on the control panel. Each operation link can be adjusted on the control panel. Before mass production, only the control panel is needed. Set the parameters required for each link on the top, start the switch with one button, and the entire equipment can be automatically produced according to the set procedure. Such an assembly-line production can be easily realized on one piece of equipment. And b) effectively reduce the labor intensity of employees and reduce energy and resource consumption. Revolutionary automation is changing the manufacturing methods of the packaging machinery industry and how products are transported. The automatic control packaging system designed and installed has a pronounced role in improving the packaging machinery industry's product quality and efficiency, eliminating processing errors, and reducing labor intensity. Especially for food, beverage, medicine, electronics, and other industries, it is very important.


6. Development prospects of automatic packaging machines:

With the continuous development of science and technology, the emergence of various food and aquatic products has put forward new food packaging technology and equipment requirements. At present, the competition for food packaging machinery is becoming increasingly fierce. The future food packaging machinery will cooperate with industrial automation to improve the overall level of packaging equipment and develop multi-functional, high-efficiency, low-consumption food packaging equipment. Realize the electromechanical integration of food packaging machinery.

Traditional packaging machinery mainly adopts mechanical control, such as cam distribution shaft type. Later, photoelectric control, pneumatic control, and other control forms appeared. However, with the ever-increasing improvement of food processing technology and increasing requirements for packaging parameters, the original control system has been unable to meet the needs of development, and new technologies should be adopted to change the appearance of food packaging machinery. Today’s food packaging machinery is a mechanical and electronic device that integrates machinery, electricity, gas, light, and magnetism. When designing, it should focus on improving the degree of automation of packaging machinery, combining the research and development of packaging machinery with computers, and realizing electromechanical integration control.

The essence of mechatronics is to use process control principles to organically combine related technologies such as machinery, electronics, information, and detection from a system perspective to achieve overall optimization.

Generally speaking, it is the introduction of microcomputer technology to packaging machinery, the application of electromechanical integration technology, the development of intelligent packaging technology, and the production of automatic packaging systems according to the requirements of product automatic packaging technology, the detection and control of the production process, and the diagnosis of faults And exclusion will realize full automation, realize high-speed, high-quality, low-consumption and safe production. It can be used for accurate measurement, high-speed filling, and automatic control of aquatic processed food's packaging process, which will significantly simplify the structure of packaging machinery and improve the quality of packaging products. For example, the most common plastic bag sealing machine, its sealing quality is related to packaging materials, heat sealing temperature, and operating speed. If the material (material, thickness) changes, the temperature and speed will also change, but it is difficult to know how much the change is. For example, using microcomputer control, the best parameters of the sealing temperature and speed of various packaging materials are matched and input into the microcomputer memory, and then equipped with necessary sensors to form an automatic tracking system, so that no matter which process parameter changes, the best can be promised sealing quality. And our Shandong Loyal Industrial Co., Ltd. will continue to invent and introduce new technologies and continue to optimize our existing machinery and equipment functions to reach a higher level. Keep up with the times and integrate well.


7. Maintenance and maintenance of automatic packaging machine:

Maintenance instructions:

1). Check the parts regularly, once a month, check whether the worm gear, worm, bolts on the lubricating block, bearings, and other movable parts are flexible and worn. If any defects are found, they should be repaired in time and should not be used reluctantly.

2). The machine should be used in a dry and clean room and should not be used in places where the atmosphere contains acids and other gases that are corrosive to the body.

3). After the machine is used or stopped, the rotating drum should be taken out to clean and brush the remaining powder in the bucket, and then install it, ready for the next use.


Daily maintenance:

Several key points of packaging machinery maintenance: cleaning, tightening, adjustment, lubrication, and corrosion protection. In the normal production process, each machine maintenance person should do it, according to the maintenance manual and maintenance procedures of the packaging equipment of the machine, strictly perform the maintenance work within the specified period, reduce the wear speed of the parts, eliminate the hidden dangers of failure, and extend The service life of the machine.


Maintenance is divided into:

  1. Routine maintenance.
  2. Regular maintenance (divided into primary care, secondary maintenance, tertiary maintenance).
  3. Special consideration (divided: seasonal maintenance, stop care).

a). Routine maintenance:

Clean (remove debris or dirt from the machine once a week), lubricate (clean and maintain the upper slide plate, middle knife, and front top knife once a month, and once a week on all cam surfaces and upper extensions) Add a drop of appropriate lubricating oil to the connecting shaft core. Do not add too much every time you add oil to prevent the microswitch from malfunctioning due to oil immersion); inspection and tightening are the centers, and examples must be performed as required during and after the machine's work. Line maintenance.


Several key points of packaging machinery maintenance: cleaning, tightening, adjustment, lubrication, and corrosion protection. In the normal production process, each machine maintenance person should do it, according to the maintenance manual and maintenance procedures of the packaging equipment of the machine, strictly perform the maintenance work within the specified period, reduce the wear speed of the parts, eliminate the hidden dangers of failure, and extend The service life of the machine.

Note that several parts cannot be refueled: feeding and retreating rollers, belts, slip sheets and surroundings, electromagnetic clutches.


b). Regular maintenance:

The first-level maintenance work is to perform routine maintenance based on regular maintenance. The essential tasks are lubrication, tightening, and inspection of all relevant parts and their cleaning.

The secondary maintenance work focuses on inspection and adjustment. Specifically check the engine, clutch, transmission, transmission components, steering, and braking components.


The three-level maintenance focuses on detecting, adjusting, eliminating hidden troubles, and balancing the degree of wear of various components. Diagnose and inspect the parts that affect the performance of the equipment and the features with fault signs, and then complete the necessary replacement, adjustment, and troubleshooting.


C). Special maintenance:

Seasonal maintenance: It means that the packaging equipment should focus on the inspection and repair of the fuel system, hydraulic system, cooling system, and start-up system before summer and winter.

Out-of-service maintenance: refers to the cleaning, plastic surgery, matching, and anti-corrosion work when packaging equipment needs to be out of service for some time due to seasonal factors (such as winter holidays).


9. Why choose us:

Shandong Loyal Industrial Co., Ltd.'s motto is Equal attention to service and quality. We are willing to cooperate with customers for mutual benefit and win-win. All inquiries are welcome. Over the years, we have established good cooperative relations with some well-known domestic and foreign organizations with good reputations.

We have a group of experienced experts and excellent engineers to provide professional delivery and installation services. According to the specific requirements of customers, we can also design and produce a variety of machines to order. With our rich experience and professional experts in the food machinery industry, we can provide the most suitable and complete solution to ensure that your investment gets the most benefit.

our service:

1.) Pre-sale, in-sale and after-sale consulting services.

2.) Project planning and design services.

3.) Debug the device until everything is normal.

4.) Manage the long-distance transportation of the equipment from the seller's factory to the buyer's designated location.

5.) Equipment maintenance and operator training.

6.) New production process and formula.

7.) Provide a 1-year complete warranty and lifetime maintenance service.


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