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Instant Noodle Machine

Instant Pasta Production Line
Instant Pasta Production Line
Small Instant Noodles Making Machine
Small Instant Noodles Making Machine
Shandong China
Instant noodle processing line 300000 Bags
Instant noodle processing line 300000 Bags
Shandong China
Industrial Automatic Noodle Making Machine
Industrial Automatic Noodle Making Machine
Shandong China
Instant noodle production line
Instant noodle production line
Shandong China
Automatic  Instant Noodles Making Machine
Automatic Instant Noodles Making Machine
Shandong China
Fried Instant Noodles Production Line 500000 Bags
Fried Instant Noodles Production Line 500000 Bags
Shandong China

A Guide On Choosing The Right Industrial Instant Noodle Production Line

Ingredients - Dough Mixing - Dough Maturing - Slicing - Shredding - Steaming - Cutting and Dividing - Deep Frying - Air Cooling - Packaging.

First, prepare the raw materials needed to make instant noodles, then mix the dough in the dough mixing machine. After the dough is cooked, the cooked dough is pressed and processed, then shredded. Then steamed, the steamed noodles are cooked. They are cut off and divided into rows. Then fried in the deep fryer so that the taste of instant noodles will be more crispy, then cooled down by conveying. This step is conducive to the storage of instant noodles. The noodles are then cooled down by conveying them to facilitate storage and finally packaged for sale.


The demand for instant noodles is increasing, and the market outlook is still good. If you want to start an instant noodle production business, please contact us, and we hope to be your friendly partner.


What is the material of the instant noodle machine?

The whole production line is made of food-grade stainless steel. Our technicians have carefully selected the food-grade stainless steel, and the conveyor belt, all made of food-grade material, and our accessories are all well-known brands in China.


 What machines are included in the instant noodle production line?

The first is the noodle mixing machine, the second is the compound calendering machine, the third is the cooking machine. The fourth is the cutting machine, the fifth is the fryer, the sixth is the cooling machine, and the last is the packaging machine. The packaging machine can be purchased or not. If you want to sell bulk instant noodles, then you can not buy the packaging machine.


What heating options are available for steamers and fryers?

Both the steamer and the fryer can be heated by electricity or steam. You can choose between steam and electricity depending on the local price and which one is cheaper.


 What is the role of each machine in the instant noodle production line?

First of all, the noodle machine is used to mix the noodles. We add the prepared raw materials, flour, and water, to the noodle machine to mix them thoroughly. The compounding and stretching machines are used for cooking and shaping the noodles. The steaming machine is used to steam the pasta pieces from the compound roll forming apparatus. The cutter is used to cut off the cooked pasta. The fryer is used to deep fry the noodles. The cooling machine is used to reduce the temperature of the fried briquettes. Finally, the packaging machine is used to pack the noodles.


What is the reason for the popularity of instant noodles?

It takes a long time to make other foods, but instant noodles only need to be soaked in hot water for five minutes, so you can do other things in the meantime, and when the time is up, you can open it and eat it. The instant noodles are actually delicious; whether they are eaten dry or soaked or cooked, the more you chew them, the more fragrant they are, and the cooked ones are the most fragrant. Both soaked and cooked instant noodles have a nice, chewy texture. The noodles can be served with ham, tomatoes, and eggs, making them nutritious, tasty, and healthy.


Are there any new ways to eat instant noodles?

The first is to cook instant noodles together, which is a special way to eat instant noodles at home. The second is to stir-fry the instant noodles, adding vegetables and other ingredients to the stir-fry process. The cost of stir-frying instant noodles is meager, but the price of selling them is high, making them very profitable. You can also try exploring more novel ways to eat them.


Can I eat instant noodles every day?

It is not recommended to eat instant noodles every day. It is important to eat everything with fruits and vegetables, as it is difficult to enrich a variety of nutrients in a single food item.


 How can instant noodle production lines reduce breakdowns?

The first point is to do an excellent job of maintenance by regularly cleaning the machines in the production line of dust and adding lubricating oil. The second point is to check whether the machine is faulty or has any hidden problems. The third point is that any issues should be solved by contacting the technical staff in time and not left unattended. Otherwise, it will cause bigger failures.


What are the advantages of the Shandong Loyal Industrial Co.,Ltd. instant noodle production line?

1. Higher degree of automation.

2. Mature process, high output, and low energy consumption.

3. PlC program control.

4. Frying temperature can be controlled and adjusted.

5. Easy maintenance in case of production line failure.

6. Use food-grade materials to make the machine safe and reliable.

7. Professional team for you to carry out pre-sales and after-sales service.

8. Choose our small production line for less investment and quicker results.

9. Green and environmental protection without pollution.

10. Can be customized according to your needs exclusive machine.


 When and how did instant noodles come into existence?

In fact, in 1958, the pioneer of Nissin Foods, Momofuku Ando, created and marketed instant noodles. And has continued to introduce individual seasoning packets since then. When did buckets of instant noodles appear? Instant noodles in a bucket were introduced in 1971.


 What are the sales prospects for instant noodles?

Instant noodles are both affordable and tasty, as well as easy to eat and store. As society continues to develop, the sales of instant noodles have been increasing because the pace of people's lives and work is increasing, so how can people not go shopping for such a variety of advantageous features and flavors of food? A cheap and tasty bag of instant noodles gives a great sense of satiety and satisfaction. And what other product is as portable and easy to eat as instant noodles, which are simply delicious when cooked and microwaved. The business of instant noodles is sure to grow, as I have a relative who works in an instant noodle factory and her benefits are excellent, and it is because the future of instant noodles is promising that the company is growing more robustly and offering good benefits to its staff.


 What is our pre-sales and after-sales service?

First of all, we have a professional salesman to communicate with you before the sale. You can share with our salesman if you have any questions or needs because most of our machines can be customized according to your needs. And if you have any technical questions about the machinery in the early stages, we will solve them for you one by one. After the order is placed, we will also provide you with detailed operation manuals and recipes for food preparation. We have our secret recipes for food preparation, which are suitable for the taste of many places, and have received good feedback from our customers. We have CE, ISO, patent certificates, and other quality certificates. Our technicians are available to help you with the installation and training of your staff, if possible. Because of the recent epidemic, we will also set up an exclusive after-sales service group for you, in which our professional technicians and sales staff will be available to solve your after-sale problems and machine breakdown problems.


 What are the differences between our instant noodle production lines and traditional instant noodle production lines?

Traditional instant noodle production lines contain a huge amount of oil and basically have no oil filter. It also takes longer to rehydrate and is less smooth and transparent. Our instant noodle production line uses advanced technology to make the entire noodle block take less time to rehydrate, and it tastes more chewy and flexible. At the same time, our production line is highly automated, as traditional instant noodle production lines require many workers to operate in the factory. Our production line is controlled by a control cabinet when it is opened, making it easier and less costly to operate.


What are the ingredients needed to make instant noodles?

The main ingredients for instant noodles are palm oil, wheat flour, dehydrated vegetables, and seasoning sauce. Dehydrated vegetables and spices are included in the seasoning pack. The main ingredients for instant noodles are palm oil, wheat flour, and a few other substances. The basic ingredients in instant noodles are all essential for the body's nutritional needs.


How much does an instant noodle production line cost?

The price cannot be generalized, as there are large and small instant noodle production lines. And the price varies depending on the heating method.

The minimum output instant noodle line without an oil filter is around $20,000, and the minimum output instant noodle line with an oil filter is around $25,000. These are prices without the packaging machine and shipping costs. You will need to get in touch with our salesman for a complete quotation. Customized accessories or accessories from foreign brands are available at extra cost. Our lines are basically equipped with some free accessories. Still, if you do not feel comfortable with more accessories or spare machines, then you can pay for them separately, and we will definitely give you the best discount price.


 How do you mass-produce instant noodles?

Today's instant noodles are popular with the public because they are quick and easy to eat and have a wide range of flavors and tastes. The quality of instant noodles is very important, as only high-quality food will make people want to repurchase after eating it.

Of course, if you want to produce large quantities of instant noodles, you will need a large capacity machine with high production efficiency because the larger the device, the greater the capacity will be. You can choose the right output instant noodle production line according to your market needs. Choose a professional instant noodle production line to capture the stomach of your customers, who will enjoy eating it more, and a professional instant noodle production line to produce a safer and better quality instant noodle.


How do I operate the instant noodle production machine?

First of all, you should learn the performance of each machine according to the operation manual provided by us, as well as the location and role of each operation switch. Don't operate the machine without being familiar with the operation process and the location of each control switch. Otherwise, there will be safety hazards. Secondly, after opening all the boxes and packaging film and seeing the machine, the first thing to do is to check whether the various parts of the machine have not fallen off during transport or there are problems such as extrusion, if you have any questions, please get in touch with our sales staff. Factory staff must tie their hair up when operating the machine. Otherwise, there is a possibility of getting caught in the machine. It is also important to note that you must not touch the machine with your hands while it is still in operation, as the temperature of the machine is very high, and touching it directly with your hands may result in burns. Finally, in installing the wiring, please turn off the power supply first in the absence of electricity to connect the wires and ensure that all is completed before opening the electric switch to test whether it can operate normally. The most important point when using the machine is to ensure safety, which must be put in the first place.


What is the capacity of our instant noodle production lines?

The smallest output is 11,000 packs per eight hours, the middle is 30,000 packs per eight hours, the 60,000 packs per eight hours line is 80,000 packs per eight hours, and we have exported them all, no matter how much output you need as long as the market is existing we can customize it for you.


How to choose a packaging machine for instant noodles?

First, you have to determine whether you want the instant noodles in bags or buckets and determine the general direction of the packaging. Then you also need to know whether the bag you want to pack the instant noodles in is back sealed, the number of grams per pack, the choice of bag length, width and height, and the choice of material. And whether the bucket needs to be wrapped in plastic film. If you don't have an idea, you can give us the name of your product, and we can have our professional workers design it for you. The choice of packaging machine should also be based on the production line output so that it will be more accurate


Why choose Shandong Loyal Industrial Co.,Ltd.?

Because we are a professional food machinery manufacturing supply manufacturer, we have been engaged in making instant noodle production lines for nearly twenty years. In addition to producing instant noodle production lines, we also produce puffed food production lines, pet feed production lines, modified starch production lines, and so on. In addition to instant noodle production lines, we also produce puffed food production lines, pet feed production lines, modified starch production lines, and many more. We are not satisfied with the status quo but are constantly upgrading and innovating our products, adapting our production plans and designs to the changing needs of the times, and keeping up with the progress of the times. Never satisfied with the pursuit of excellence!

Each of our machines is made of food-grade stainless steel, safety and quality issues are guaranteed. We have a professional after-sales team. Any problems with our machines within one year we have a free warranty and lifetime maintenance, spend the same price we can let you buy the best quality and service machine, we have a very high-cost performance, so why not choose us? We hope to establish a friendly business relationship with you soon. Welcome to select Loyal Shandong Industrial Co.,Ltd.

How Do You Set Up Instant Noodles Manufacturing Plant Project ?

A small instant noodle manufacturing plant is a lucrative food enterprise.
 Depending on the local market demand, you can produce instant noodles, fried instant noodles and non-fried instant noodles. Various famous instant noodle brand processes are available, with guidance from specialized instant noodle production process engineers.
You can be provided with the most detailed instant noodle recipes and production processes to save on instant noodle workshop production costs and at the same time better develop in the instant noodle manufacturing industry, making your instant food project is profitable. 
Profit margins for instant noodle manufacturing can be at least 30%. For large-scale commercial production of instant noodles, profits can be as high as 50%.

                  Automatic Fried Instant Noodle Processing Line


Equipment List Of Fried Instant Noodle Production Line


Alkali Water Mixing Tank


Alkali Water Measuring Device


Flour Mixer


Round Disk Aging Machine


Rolling &Shpaing Machine


3 Layer Steaming Machine


Noodle Cutting And Dividing Machine


Frying Machine


Heating Exchanger


Oil Filter


Oil Circulating Pipeline


Oil Tank


Arranging Machine


Cooling Machine


Conveying Machine


Electric Control Cabinet


Packing Machine (Optional)

What Is Instant Noodles Manufacturing Processing Plant And Equipment?

Loyal esigned this fried instant noodle production line based on our research on the domestic and international  fast food market.
Low investment and good throughput is the biggest potential for this Instant noodle production line,
loyal small scale Instant noodle production line will be the best choice for small to medium sized enterprises. 
The whole working procedure of this line is easy to operate and nearly fully automatic. 
We will help you install the Instant noodle line in your factory and train your staff.
Each fried instant noodle production line consists of a mixer dropping vertically through a mezzanine into the dough kneader. Dough feeds into the kneader, and through a series of compound rollers and continuous rollers to achieve the desired noodle thickness.

Our instant noodle molds are available in square, round, and other basic shapes to produce a square and round instant noodles. On top of this, we are constantly experimenting with innovations. Our instant noodle production lines create a product that is very elastic, very smooth, with good transparency and a short rehydration time. We also add vitamins to the instant noodle ingredients to make the instant noodles more nutritious and healthy. We have very accurate data on the area of the plant required for the production line. If needed, we will provide you with the relevant drawings to help you plan the factory floor space to set up the plant and place the machinery.
There are many flavors of instant noodles, such as braised beef, chicken and mushroom, seafood, etc. People don't buy them once and then stop buying them because there are many different flavors and brands, and there is always one that customers like. Therefore, instant noodles are still prevalent and are usually available at home if there is not enough time to cook or when you don't want to cook.

Manufacturing Process Of Instant Noodle Production Line Technical Parameter

Equipment Of Line

Process Equipment Definition

Alkali Water Mixing Tank

Material:,Body,Shaft,Mixing Device Stainless Steel 316

Body Was Made By 316ss

Water Pump,Pipe,Valve Made Of Stainless Steel Water Pump:0.75kw


Size(Mm):1000(L) X1000(W) X 1220(H)


Alkali Water Measuring Device

Body Made Of Stainless Steel316


Water Pump,Pipe,Valve,Supporter Made Of Stainless Steel

Volume: 100l


Flour Mixer

Touching Flour Parts Stainless SteelFrame And Driving Parts Carbon Steel,Mixing Time Is About 15minutes


Capacity:100kg / Batch

Size(Mm): 1700(L)×600(W) ×850(H)

Round Disk Aging Machine


Material: Tray,Rod Made Of Stainless Steel

Driving Fitting,Supporter Made Of Carbon Steel

Size(Mm): Φ1200x2000mm

Power: 1.5kw ,With Speed Reducer

Rolling Machine

Material:Feeder,Roller Protective Plate,Guard Board On Two Sides Made Of Stainless Stee

Lroller:6 Pairs Roller Width 220mm,

Φ126mm×2(Line Roller)

Φ168 ×1,

Φ126 ×3

Power: 3+4kw ,(Converter Speed Control)

Roller Side,Supporter,Driving Fitting Made Of Carbon Steel Scrapper: Copper Guard Board For Roller:Nylon

Noodle Press Roller:Cold-Hard Alloy Cast Roller Dough Sheet Conveying Belt: Edible Rubber

Size(Mm): 4500(L) ×900(W) ×1400(H) Mm


Oil Tank


Size:1500l New Oil

500l Old Oil

Include Frame Ladder Made Of Carbon Steel

Arranging Machine


Material:Chain,Salve,Sliding Plate Made Of Stainless Steel. Driving Part Made Of Carbon Steel

Size(Mm):1500(L) ×1350(W) ×1200(H)

Conveying Machine

Including:Supporter,Conveying Plate

Material:Supporter,Driving Fitting,Machine Leg Made Of Carbon Steel, Conveying Plate Is Food Grade


Power: 0.37 Kw,Mechanical Infinite Speed Control



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