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What is food industry drying?
Industrial food dryers oven is a kind of disc rack with intermittent general drying equipment with wide application, which can be used to dehumidify pharmaceutical, food, light industry, chemical, and dryers used in food industrl or industrial raw materials. 
industrial hot air dryer machine uses a high-temperature resistant circulation fan to circulate forced hot air in the oven through a steam heat exchanger or electric heat pipe heating, which enhances the heat transfer and improves the efficiency of evaporating moisture, and dramatically reduces the drying time. 
The whole box uses a fully enclosed structure, hot air box internal circulation, and reasonably makeup into the fresh air and discharges hot and humid air.


2. What is the concept of an industrial hot air dryer?

A hot air circulation oven is a kind of disc rack with intermittent general drying equipment with wide application, which can be used to dehumidify pharmaceutical, food, light industry, chemical, and other products or industrial raw materials. For example, the drying of materials such as pharmaceutical packaging bottles, pigments, powders, punches, natural drugs, raw materials, Chinese medicine tablets, dyes, dehydrated vegetables, paper, wool, electrical components, food, leather, plastic resins, salts, catalysts, etc.CT-C hot air circulation oven equipment uses a high-temperature resistant circulation fan to circulate forced hot air in the oven through a steam heat exchanger or electric heat pipe heating, which enhances the heat transfer and improves the efficiency of evaporating moisture, and dramatically reduces the drying time. The whole box uses a fully enclosed structure, hot air box internal circulation, and reasonably makeup into the fresh air and discharges hot and humid air.


3.What are the characteristics of an industrial hot air circulation oven dryer?

1、Most of the hot air is circulated in the box. It has high thermal efficiency, which is conducive to energy saving.

2、Using the role of forced ventilation, there is an adjustable wind divider in the box. The material is very evenly dried. The heat source can be hot water, electricity, steam, far infrared ray, etc. There are many ways to choose.

3、The noise of the whole machine is minimal, its operation is also very balanced, the temperature can be self-control, and the installation and maintenance are very convenient and quick.

4、The available range is extensive, and it can be used to dry various materials, and it is a kind of drying equipment that can be used in general.


4. What are the requirements for the use environment of industrial hot air dryer do you know?

The industrial hot air dryer is used in an environment where there can be no sticky and fibrous substances in the air; other solid impurities and dust content of both can not be more significant than 100mg/m3. It works in an environment where the temperature should be between -10°C to 40°C, and the humidity should be within 85%. The altitude of placement should not exceed 1000m.


5. The installation environment of an industrial hot air dryer is also required

It needs to be able to avoid rain and snow in a dry indoor place, not a humid place; also need good ventilation, absolutely not in the sealed box; and away from flammable, explosive, and other dangerous substances and gases; and the installation of the outlet needs to be in the upper tilt 15 °, the lower tilt 10 ° range, the body left and right tilted in the field of 15 ° use; finally, the air inlet can not be blocked, the outlet with a package of Finally, the air inlet should not be stopped, and the air outlet should be connected with the piping wrapped with heat insulation material, and the piping should not be used in the place where it is too long, too thin, too curved and bent.


6. How do we operate the industrial hot air dryer?

1.First of all, first open the main power switch.

2, open the power switch "POWER," then switch on the power indicator light (must pay attention to oh, spread before you need to check whether the direction of our fan and the logo consistent oh, if the reverse please three-phase power line any two-phase on the adjustment).

3, set the time and temperature: it dries the time and temperature because the material is different so that it will be different; we have to press the up and down keys on the temperature control table to set the correct temperature according to the demand on the production list, the upper key is minus, the lower key is increased.

4、Open the dryer's lid, put the needed dry materials into the machine, then cover the top, press the green start button "START," the fan will start.

5、Shut down the machine: After the drying time is up, press the red stop button "STOP," close the green power switch, and finally close the switch of the main power supply.


7. How to clean the industrial hot air dryer after use?

1 、Prepare cleaning utensils (rags, air hose, water, etc.).

2、Turn off all power.

3、Repeatedly rinse inside the wall of the dryer with water until the dust on the wall is cleaned when the machine is stirred (the top cover of the dryer and the inlet and outlet should also be cleaned according to this method).

4、After clean water rinsing, use the air pipe to clean the inside wall of the dryer again and again.

5、After confirming that the cleaning is clean, use a rag to dry it or dry it, put the lid on, and put all the appliances back in their original place.


8. What are the advantages of industrial hot air dryers?

1. The surface area of heat transfer of industrial hot air dryers is relatively large. The solid particles are dispersed in the airflow and become floating so that the surface area of heat transfer will increase a lot.

2. The thermal efficiency of the industrial hot air dryer is also very high, the drying time is very long, and the working efficiency is very high.

3. The structure of airflow drying equipment is very simple, the production output is very large, the control is also very convenient, the whole process is very easy to automate.


9. So, are there any restrictions on industrial hot-air dryers?

The flow pressure of the hot air drying operating system is very large, so it must choose high pressure or medium pressure supply fan, power loss is too large. The corresponding gas velocity of airflow drying is high. The flow rate is a large, and generally large size of bag dust collector and cyclone separator must be used, resulting in a large volume of facilities and occupying the significant ground. Airflow drying is very sensitive to the drying load; when the solid material transmission is too large, the pneumatic conveying system is not normal manipulation, which needs attention.


10. What is the development prospect of an industrial hot air dryer?

The development of China's dryer equipment industry has made certain achievements. However, there is still a gap with the international market, but the increasingly mature domestic drying process drives the rapid development of the domestic dryer equipment industry. Our dryers have achieved excellent results in the world. This also makes us proud of it. However, our dryer development footsteps are exceptionally closely related to other domestic industries. Improve from one aspect of the drying process, which is far from enough. For example, most of the parts on our dryer come from the domestic foundry industry. And the development of the foundry industry is not happy, to improve the share of domestic dryer equipment in the international. It is necessary to break this bottleneck. Shandong Loyal Industrial Co.,Ltd.'s industrial hot air dryer components also come from the domestic foundry industry. Still, they will be screened layer by layer in the domestic foundry industry to select some well-known, largely raw material suppliers so that the quality of the dryer is guaranteed. The industrial hot air dryer is in increasing demand in the domestic market and the foreign market, and the prospects are excellent.


11. What is the organizational structure of an industrial hot air dryer?

The hot air blower is composed of three major parts: blower, heater, and control circuit; its working principle is that after the power is turned on, the blower blows the air to the heater so that the air from the inside and outside of the spiral electric heating wire evenly through the electric heating wire is energized to produce heat and heat exchange through the cold air so that the use of the air outlet air temperature rise.


12. What is the scope of application of industrial hot air dryers?

It has an extensive application prospect in various industries such as electronics, food, pharmaceutical, printing, packaging, cleaning, heat treatment, etc. The hot air blower is the first choice of modern industrial heat source upgrade. It is the best hot air source configuration for automated machinery, such as conveying ovens, drying ovens, and sealing machines. Shandong Loyal Industrial Co.,Ltd.'s industrial hot air dryer is professional and of high quality and low price; welcome your purchase.


13. industrial hot air dryers can be divided into which categories?

According to their configuration of different ventilators, heaters can be divided into low-pressure type, medium-pressure type, high-pressure type three. Low-pressure type includes circulation-type heaters and general-purpose heaters; medium-pressure type includes medium-pressure circulation-type heaters and medium-pressure general-purpose heaters; high-pressure type includes air volume type high-pressure circulation-type heaters, air volume type high-pressure general-purpose heaters, and pressure type high-pressure heaters. Chillers can be divided into medium temperature chillers (maximum air temperature 150 ℃), high-temperature chillers (maximum air temperature 350 ℃), and ultra-high temperature chillers (maximum air temperature 650 ℃) according to the upper limit of its use of air temperature is different. Hot air blower can be divided into medium temperature chillers (maximum air temperature 150 ℃), high-temperature chillers (maximum air temperature 350 ℃), and ultra-high temperature chillers (maximum air temperature 650 ℃) according to the upper limit of its use of air temperature is different.


14. How should the industrial hot air dryer be maintained daily?

First of all, check whether the whole machine and power cord are regular before use has been connected; secondly, we must often clean the entire machine dust, oil, stains, etc.; finally, we must also regularly check and clean the ventilation fan inlet screen.


15. What are the safety protection and precautions of an industrial hot air dryer?

The first point, the industrial hot air blower duct, and the air temperature may be very high, be careful to avoid burns.

The second point, in the use of air containing flammable, explosive gases, its concentration must be diluted to the explosive limit of 1/50 ~ 1/100 below.

The third point, when there is a sudden accident, you can directly press the emergency brake to shut down, and so safety is guaranteed before you can reset to resume normal work.


16. What are the influencing factors of industrial hot air dryers?

The drying rate of our materials depends on the surface vaporization rate and the diffusion rate of internal moisture. Generally, the drying rate in the early drying stage is controlled by the surface vaporization rate; then, as long as the external conditions of drying remain unchanged, the drying rate and surface temperature of the material are kept stable, and this stage is called the constant-speed drying stage. When the wet content of the material is reduced to a certain degree, the diffusion rate of the internal wet content to the surface is reduced and is less than the surface vaporization rate, the drying rate is mainly determined by the internal diffusion rate and is continuously reduced with the reduction of the wet content, and this stage is called the reduced drying stage.


17. Why is our industrial hot air dryer popular?

First of all, we use non-magnetic nichrome wire energized heating air as a source of hot air, clean and sanitary, in line with environmental protection. Clever wind tunnel design, air from the inside/outside of the spiral electric heating wire evenly through the heat exchange nearly 100%, less wind pressure loss, less flow. Secondly, the temperature is controlled by PID/SSR, with high precision, fast feedback, and durability. It is equipped with multiple overheating and overload protection devices to fully ensure the safety of the equipment. The air outlet is equipped with a K-type thermocouple, which directly detects the air outlet temperature. Then, we have multi-fiber insulation cotton heat insulation, strong epoxy spraying shell, use safe and reliable, can keep high-temperature work for a long time. And our machines can be used continuously at temperatures up to 350℃ for a wide range of applications.

Finally, our standard circulating heaters apply the patented design of heat dissipation device, continuous air inlet temperature up to 230 ℃ (can be customized for higher temperature), air volume adjustment using the inverter speed control, more energy saving, high controllability, less heat loss, and other excellent features. Another remote switch (6m) and motor protector (for economical use) are available for you to choose from. That's why our equipment is widely supported and recognized by customers at home and abroad.


18. Is our industrial hot air dryer environmentally friendly?

This is a must. Our industrial hot air dryers are environmentally friendly and pollution-free and do not make a lot of noise.


19. What other industries can our microwave drying equipment be used in?

Paper products industry, wood industry, chemical products, ceramic sintering, pharmaceutical industry, tea processing, flower drying, etc


20. What are the requirements for grounding industrial hot air dryer equipment?

The ground wire is the metal shell of the equipment connected to a line and building steel frame or buried in the ground 1.5 meters below; because the equipment has high voltage, it must be reliably grounded. Otherwise, the equipment will be electric or burned equipment. Grounding wire must be 2.5 square millimeters or more.


21. What are the advantages of our feed side?

The feeding end is generally equipped with a feeding hopper, which is convenient for spreading materials. The feed hopper is customized according to the requirements of different materials of customers, with vibration motor, smooth discharge, discharge baffle can adjust the thickness of the discharge, for powder materials is very good, irregular or large particles of materials need to use the vibrating screen to the conveyor belt laying material.


22. Why choose Shandong Loyal Industrial Co.,Ltd. industrial hot air dryer?

Because we can not only guarantee the quality problems and provide perfect after-sales service, we not only have microwave drying equipment and a variety of food machinery for customers to choose from, our machines have been exported to many countries and regions get good feedback from customers. We will solve problems for customers for the first time, and our equipment is almost no problem under regular use.

And we do not stop there; we are still learning a lot to absorb the advanced production technology at home and abroad, innovate and upgrade our equipment to make our equipment more advanced and efficient.


What Is The Price Of Industrial Hot Air Blower Dryer In Food Industry?

Industrial Air Drying Equipment

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What Is The Industrial Air Drying Equipment Production Processesin Industry ?

What are the main components of the hot air circulation system of the industrial hot air dryer?
It consists of four main parts, namely cyclone, blower, air filter, and heater.

industrial hot air dryer machine have a fully automatic temperature control system, i.e., a temperature control system. 
Its temperature control is very accurate, drying box and can be adjusted even air plate, drying box temperature is also more uniform. And its noise is minimal. 
industrial food dryers operation is also more balanced, which significantly reduces the noise and drying in food industry. 
The hot air dryers industrial machine's air inlet has an air filter and comes standard with a moisture-removal device, and every detail is reasonably arranged.
 We are so confident in our industrial hot air blower dryer equipment that we believe you can shop with us to get the industrial hot air dryer you are satisfied with, and you will be proud of our industrial electric dryer machines.

What Is The Industrial Air Drying Equipment Processesing Industry ?

Our industrial electric dryer is summed up by a number of hot air dryer industrial technical engineers who have more than ten years of air drying experience. 
Loyal industrial hot air blower dryer has a number of drying in food industry project technology patents, which can provide you with the most detailed industrial hot air dryer process formula and process documents, which can save industrial food dryers costs while improving Good development in the industrial hot air dryer manufacturing industry makes your food drying project profitable in the food drying equipment manufacturing industry. The raw material of industrial hot air blower dryer equipment is drying in food industry, and the dryers in food industry, etc.
What Is The Industrial Air Drying Equipment Processesin Industry ?

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