Automatic Microwave Frozen Meat Beef Thawing Machine

As a professional automatic microwave frozen meat beef thawing machine suppliers, meat defrosting machine equipment can be used to thaw various materials such as beef and mutton products, various fish, chicken, pork, and frozen fruit products, etc. The microwave frequency of the equipment adopts a microwave generator of 915MHz, and its penetration is far better than that of a microwave source of 2450MHz. The microwave thawing machine adopts PLC automatic control, automatic temperature control, infrared temperature measurement, automatic deviation correction of the conveyor belt, tunnel structure, etc., frozen meat defrosting thawing machine equipment also can achieve assembly line work and greatly improve production efficiency.

Place of Origin China
Brand Name Automatic Microwave Frozen Meat Beef Thawing Machine
Certification CE,ISO9001,SGS ,BV
Model Number Microwave Thawing Machine
Min.Order Quantity 1Set of Automatic Microwave Frozen Meat Beef Thawing Machine

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