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Bread crumb is a widely used food added auxiliary material for fried food surfaces, such as fried chicken, fish, seafood (shrimp), chicken legs, chicken wings, onion rings. The bread crumb market is very huge, and it is a very popular product in our daily life.

This time, saudi arabia's largest food bread manufacturer ordered our Bread crumb production line, developed new products, and opened up local new markets.

The production of Bread crumb is divided into two types, one is extruder type, and the other is electrode baked bread crumb. This customer is more inclined to traditional type, they choose the electrode baked bread crumb production line, and the taste is better and delicious. This kind of bread chambers can alleviate the time when the food is fried. Due to the characteristics of its own characteristics, the effect of the appearance of the aroma of the appear (crispy) has the unique fragrance of the fermented food and it is not easy to fall off. It can be adjusted according to the food raw materials. Color time (for example, fried chicken nuggets, good color (can show roasting, golden brown) and fried chicken legs during the fried process, which requires different fried time.

After 30 working days of production, debugging and testing before shipment, our engineers completed the line perfectly after final inspection and sent it to the customer as agreed.

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