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20KW Microwave Tea Drying Machine Shipped To India


As a professional microwave tea dryer manufacturer, we can provide small, medium and large tunnel herb and tea dryer sterilization dry equipment for sale. Customer from India contacted us through our official website to inquire and purchase our equipment. During the negotiation process, I introduced the machine features and drying process of the microwave dryer to customer. Microwave drying machines are simple to operate, convenient, small investment, good effect and low cost. It is the preferred drying equipment for food processing enterprises. Microwave tea dryer can meet the normal temperature and variable temperature drying requirements of a variety of herb materials.

System composition: outer main frame part, microwave heating system, microwave suppression system, closed cooling tower, material conveying system, material cooling system, heat and moisture removal system, control and detection system.

Advantages of Microwave tea dryer

1. Microwaves act on materials, with high thermal efficiency and energy saving.

2. The machine has low noise, balanced operation, automatic temperature control, and easy installation and maintenance.

3. It has a wide range of applications and can dry a variety of materials. It is a multi-functional drying equipment

Microwave tea dryer equipment control system adopts intelligent PLC one-key control mode. On the PLC, the power of the whole machine, the transmission speed and temperature of the material can be operated, and the operation of the equipment can be monitored at any time.

The microwave tea dryer equipment is an industrial continuous drying equipment. It is widely used for chemical industry, foodstuff industry( fruit and Fruit or nut ), pharmaceutical industry, construction materials industry, electronic industry and so on. Especially it is suitable for drying raw materials that are good in breath ability and have the shape of pieces or strip of granule. It is also possible to dry the pasted raw materials such as filter cake after shaped through granulator or extruder. If you are also interested in microwave drying machines, please feel free to contact us, we have a professional team to help you get high-quality machines.

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