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100kg/h electrode-curing bread crumbs shipped to Nepal


Bread crumbs are widely used food additives, mainly used in fried steak, fried chicken legs and other frying accessories. According to market needs, our company has developed a fully automatic electrode-curing bread crumbs production line with flour as the main raw material, bread molding, low-temperature refrigeration, crushing, and drying to finished products. The electrode-curing bread crumbs production process from fabric input to crushing and molding is all produced on the assembly line, with fewer personnel, and the remaining materials can be reused without waste, reducing manufacturing costs and improving labor productivity.

The top three local food seasoning manufacturer in Nepal visited our factory and were very interested in our electrode-curing bread crumbs production line. They signed a contract on the spot. We also completed the delivery and shipment of the electrode-curing bread crumbs production line as scheduled.

After a period of sea transportation, the customer successfully received the machines. At the same time, we also sent professional engineers to the customer's factory to conduct on-site electrode-curing bread crumbs production line installation and debugging and worker training. After 2 weeks, our engineers successfully completed the installation and debugging of the electrode-curing bread crumbs production line.

Thrilled to share the fantastic achievement of our team in successfully completing the factory electrode-curing bread crumbs production line debugging for Nepal customer!

A huge shoutout to the professional engineer who poured their expertise, hard work, and determination into making this project a triumph.

Your efforts have not only met but exceeded expectations.

Let's continue pushing boundaries and reaching new heights together!

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