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Pet food machinery - visit from Thai customers


In life, many people like to keep small pets, and pet food is also dazzling. Recently, several customers from Thailand visited our company. They are a company engaged in the food processing industry for many years and have rich production experience. During this visit, they intend to buy several pet-food devices. For this, we took them to visit the factory and gave a detailed introduction to the products.

Pet food machinery

As shown in the figure, this is our pet food equipment. We arranged professionals to give a detailed introduction to our customers and experiment with them to experience the effect of the machine. At the same time, we also took them to visit the factory's fish feed extruder, food extruder, food puffing snack machine, and other equipment to ensure that they have a pleasant experience. Our equipment has many advantages.

Advantages of pet food machinery:

1. Advanced technology and exquisite workmanship

Pet food machine adopts twin-screw extrusion technology to produce pet food such as dog food, cat food, and fish feed. It is a processing method integrating mixed transportation, shearing and kneading, cooking and maturing, sterilization, and molding.

2. Good production effect

Pet machinery can decompose protein, easily digest and absorb it, improve the nutrition absorption rate of pet food, eliminate flatulence, make starch gelatinize, produce unique burnt flavor, thus increase pet appetite.

3. Realize multi-purpose of one machine

By adopting the sectional combination design of functional screw section, it is possible to produce different kinds of pet food with different raw materials. It can provide fresh pet food, such as dog food, cat food, fish, and bird feed, but also produce bite type pet food. The pet food machinery can realize one machine and multi-purpose.

4. Accurate temperature control

Equipped with an automatic circulation cooling system, it can realize the precise control of temperature in each area. It will not have the disadvantage that the old food machinery cannot accurately control the heat due to the friction of materials, making the production of formula pet food containing thermal elements possible.

5. Better meet the requirements of pet food

The pet food machine adopts advanced technology, designed a unique scheme that can fully meet the requirements of pet food for palatability.

pet food

Production process:

Raw material mixing → extrusion molding → baking → spraying and seasoning → cooling → packaging

Production process:

Mixing machine -- screw elevator -- double screw extruder -- air blower -- oven -- automatic seasoning line

Device configuration:

Powder mixer → screw feeder → twin-screw extruder → elevator → multi-layer continuous oven → drum seasoning line → cooler → packaging machine

Our company has developed a variety of pet food production lines. According to the different outputs, the production line also has a variety of configurations to meet different customers' needs. By adjusting the raw materials, temperature, moisture, and other process parameters, the products have the characteristics of unusual shape, unique taste, rich nutrition, and delicate organization, which is suitable for different pet tastes and is an ideal choice for various manufacturers.

Thailand customer visit

Our pet food machinery integrates advanced, efficient, energy-saving, and low-carbon emissions. At present, it has become a reliable partner of excellent food enterprises and enjoys a high reputation in the international market. Compared with the same industry equipment, it has similar technology and quality, higher cost performance, more convenient operation, and maintenance. So they decided to buy four of our pet food machines after their visit and expressed their hope to cooperate with us for a long time.

This cooperation has reached a satisfactory result for both parties. We are delighted to talk. We promise to arrange the delivery as soon as possible and give them the most considerable discount and considerate service. Customer satisfaction is our pursuit!

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