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Pakistan Customer Instant Noodle Production Line Case


The instant noodle production line is an automatic production line developed and produced by our company. After more than 20 years of continuous updates, upgrades, and improvements, this technology is very mature and can produce square noodles, round noodles, and other shapes of instant noodles. Not long ago, several customers from Pakistan came to our factory for inspection visits and purchased our Instant noodle making machine.

Instant noodle making machine

First of all, it is a great honor that they have chosen our factory's Noodle equipment among many companies. The investment of this production line is only one-tenth of the large-scale equipment. It is especially suitable for small or own enterprises. It is based on similar products and requirements in the international market and develops products with perfect technology, compact structure, novel structure, and stable performance. We use advanced technology to carefully design and build so that the device is trusted by customers in the market.

Advantages of Instant noodle production line:

1. The size of instant noodles can be easily adjusted.

2. Capping machine, shredding machine, and frying machine are all variable frequency speed regulation.

3. The rolling design of the Instant noodle production line makes the noodles full of elasticity.

4. Using high-quality food-grade stainless steel, long service life, clean and sanitary.

5. Longer frying time to ensure proper cooking and instant noodle taste.

6. The cooling conveyor belt of the Instant noodle production line is specially designed with an oil filtering function.

7. Highly automated and precise control system to save labor costs and improve the quality of the final product.

8. The instant noodles produced by the Convenient food production line are sturdy, smooth, transparent, and easily soaked in water.

9. Instant noodle equipment achieves a high degree of automation, easy operation, low energy consumption, and a small footprint, ensuring that all processes from feeding to feeding flour to finished products can be completed.

10. The instant noodle production line is developed based on similar products and requirements in the international market, with perfect technology, compact structure, novel design, and stable performance.

Customer is visiting

After thorough communication, the customer has a particular understanding of our equipment. They have conducted experiments here, and the test has achieved very satisfactory results, and the customer is also delighted. After some negotiation, they decided to buy three of our Instant noodle machines. We also gave them great discounts. The negotiation between the two parties was very pleasant!

We also took them to visit other equipment in our factory. We have essential machines and production lines, such as food extruders, soybean meat production lines, industrial microwave ovens, packaging machines, pet food production lines. We also provide formulations, technical support, and machine inspections services, etc. We provide food processing machines with excellent quality, with a group of experienced experts and outstanding engineers, we will provide professional services, delivery, and installation. If you are also interested in our equipment, you are welcome to visit our factory, we will also offer the most thoughtful service!

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