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Cases of pet food extruder visited by Mumbai customers


Now many people will choose to keep pets. A cat or a dog can bring us infinite surprises and make our life full of expectations. In the process of keeping pets, we need to feed them some good pet food. With the increasing number of pet owners, the demand for pet food is increasing, and the demand for pet food extruder is also growing.

Our company is a professional pet food extruder production company, specializing in the production of various food production equipment, such as sandwich food extruder, snack extruder, cat food extruder, etc. Recently, Mumbai's customers contacted us and said that they need to buy 8 pet food extruders. We warmly invited them to have a field trip and introduced the advantages of our equipment in detail.

Mumbai client visit

What are the advantages of pet food extruder?

1. High yield

The pet food extrusion machine adopts the mechanized operation mode, which can realize automatic production. After the device is started, it can continuously carry out the product for 24 hours, which is more efficient than manual production and can obtain higher output quickly.

2. Good exhaust performance

Unlike the traditional food manufacturing machine, the exhaust port of pet food extrusion equipment has no material accumulation, no material emission, blocking, and other phenomena. The exhaust performance is outstanding, which can effectively improve the quality of products, and the pet food produced is more prevalent in the market.

3. Accurate measurement

When pet food extrusion machinery is used to produce pet food, manufacturers can make a reasonable proportion and control according to their own production needs. That way, the pet food produced is more nutritious and balanced.

4. Reduce environmental pollution

The whole food extruder is made of industrial-grade stainless steel, which is safe and pollution-free. In the production process, there will be no adverse substances to the environment and reduce environmental pollution.

Pet food extrusion machine

After introducing food extrusion equipment in detail for Mumbai customers, they have a great desire to buy. Next, we present several different types of equipment in particular according to their actual production needs.

Technical parameters of pet food extruder





Consumed power




Production capacity

120-150kg / h

200-250kg / h

400-500kg / h


22000 * 1200 * 2200mm

24000 * 1500 * 2200mm

28000 * 3500 * 2300mm


After our detailed introduction, Mumbai customers finally reached a happy cooperation relationship with us. They ordered 8 pet food extruders from our company. They said that they are looking forward to a higher profit through our equipment. To give our customers a better experience, we will also send a series of high-quality services, if necessary, our professional technicians. We will provide on-site installation guidance and warranty service so that Mumbai customers can use the equipment without any worries.

Pet food

We have developed in the pet food extruder industry for many years and finally become the industry leader. With our high-quality equipment and perfect service, all customers can get a happy shopping experience. Over the years, our machine has entered Mumbai, Singapore, Brazil, Pakistan, and other countries, bringing great surprises to local customers. In the future, we will not forget our original intention, go all the way forward, continue to invest in scientific research, and provide more high-quality equipment. We are also looking forward to cooperating with more customers!

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