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How Does Automatic Continuous Snack Fryer Work?


As the professional snack frying machine manufacturer ,our automatic deep frying machine design good manufacturing process. Industrial snack frying machine can fried french fires for sale.

industrial fryer machine

Potato Chips Frying Machine Introduce


This fried snacks process system is specially designed for industrial use, including feeding system, continuous frying system, de-oiling system, flavoring system and cooling system.


So automatic continuous snack fryer is fully automatic with high capacity and continuous process, Factory Puff Snack Stainless Steel Fryer can avoid any workers mistake, and get the perfect fried food more precisely and efficiently.


Commercial automatic continuous snack fryer has widely applications, like puffed snacks, extruded pellets, dough snacks, beans, nuts, fresh vegetables, onions, potato chips, banana chips, plantain chips etc. For different food, we will apply either single belt or double belt fryers.


And we also provide auxiliary machinery or services, like oil tanks, pumps, oil filters, pipes and programs etc, they will help to monitor the oil level, feed oil automatically, filter oil, so as to save much more potato chips cost.

Factory Puff Snack Stainless Steel Fryer Process

snack fryer making machine

The Advantages Of Automatic Fresh Potato Chips Frying Making Machine

1.The whole design is compact, reasonable and easy to operate of continuous fryer machine.
2.Dry temperature, adjustable time, drying effect is excellent.
3.Food fryer machine adopts double-pitch roller chain transmission and round-trip drying. It runs smoothly and there is absolutely no jamming.
4.The potato chips fryer machine equipped with an efficient and energy-saving combustion system, the heat source is distributed reasonably, the material is heated evenly, the energy consumption is low, and the output is large.

industrial fryer machine

This automatic continuous snack fryer is developed on the basis of our company's research and study of foreign advanced technology, and its technical performance and product quality have reached the world's leading level. An advanced puffing machine with flexible configuration, wide application of raw materials and convenient operation.

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