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What Should Be Paid Attention To During The Use Of The Twin Screw Extruder?


What should you pay attention to when using the screw extrusion equipment? Everyone will have a lot of doubts during the production process. The following is a generalization for everyone. What should be paid attention to when using the double screw extruder in the normal production process:

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1. Start the main motor of the twin screw extruder machine infrequently. And the interval between the two starts must be greater than 15 minutes. Otherwise it is easy to cause the control cabinet and the motor to burn.

2. The feeding frequency should not be lower than 5Hz and work for a long time. Otherwise it will cause the inverter and feeding motor to burn out.

3. The feeder must be turned on when the main machine rotates normally. Otherwise it will cause blockage of the food extruder. After the double screw extruder machine is blocked, the heating ring must be heated first. And when there is a burning smell inside, when it is determined that the motor can drive, start the main motor to discharge the blocked material. If it cannot be ruled out, open the mold at the discharge port and clean it manually. Otherwise the outlet section barrel needs to be disassembled.

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4. Do not bring hard objects such as iron or stones into the mini extruder. Otherwise it will cause damage to the spiral and shear pins. The entrance of the extruder is equipped with a magnetic separator. But it cannot guarantee that all the iron pieces will be intercepted under the impact of the material. Therefore, in the pretreatment process, attention should be paid to iron and stone removal. And the magnetic separator should be cleaned regularly.

5. Do not bring hemp rope and straw stalks into the automatic extruders. Pay attention to keeping the raw materials clean when mixing, otherwise it will cause the hemp rope or straw stalks to be entangled on the spiral and shear pins, and the material cannot be fed normally. It causes blockage of the die hole and affects the output.

6. Regularly check the lubricating oil level in the bearing box of the main engine. If it is insufficient, add it in time. The lubricating oil level should not be lower than 1/2 of the bearing box, and replace the lubricating oil in time as required, otherwise the bearing will be damaged.

7. Inappropriate selection of cutting blades can easily shorten the service life of the cutting blades, fail to meet the cutting index requirements, and produce a large number of substandard products in the cutting products, which affects the product output.


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