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What Is The Reason For Automatic Batch Fryer's Popularity


The batch fryer is an efficient and easy-to-operate machine for batch frying and continuous frying in the industrial production of snack foods、seafood peanut vegetable etc.

The heat source of the oil can be electric or natural gas, and the time and temperature can be controlled by the control panel.

deep batch fryer machine


Introduction Of The Automatic Batch Fryer Machine

Fried food is becoming more and more popular in the market. It can make food crisp.

As a professional manufacturer of automatic continuous fryer / fryer, according to customer needs, we have designed high-quality machines that meet the requirements of different production capacities

According to the different needs of customers, we can manufacture equipment suitable for the user's heating method, which reduces the cost of each frying link and increases the profit margin. This machine is suitable for large, medium and small enterprises.

batch fryer machine


Specifications Of The Industrial Batch Fryer Machine



Heating Type





Electrical ,Gas





Electrical ,Gas





Electrical ,Gas




Details Of The Deep Batch Fryer Machine

batch fryer machine


Application Of The Batch Fryer Machine

Automatic potato chips batch fryer is used for frying snacks, potato chips, peanuts, meat and fish etc.

It is a smoke-free, multi-functional frying equipment, mainly used in food processing plants and some snack manufacturing. This is ideal for mass production of potato chips, samosa, plantain chips, dumplings, shrimp crackers, etc.

batch fryer machine


Features And Advantages Of The Automatic Deep Batch Fryer Machine

1. The fryer is heated by electricity. The electric heating tube adopts high-quality resistance electric heating tube, which has fast heating speed, high thermal stability, long service life, high energy efficiency, and greatly reduces production costs.

2.The gas-fired batch fryer is a fully automatic frying equipment with a high degree of automation. It has the functions of automatic feeding, automatic mixing, automatic temperature control, automatic filtering, automatic oil discharge and automatic oil discharge.




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