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What is Automatic Cookies Making Machines?



The moulding line is for chocolate deposit forming. The whole process is fully automatic including depositing, mould plate vibrating, cooling, demoulding, conveying and plate heating. You can choose one head semi-automatic, one head, two heads or three heads moulding line for different products. The line is suitable for pure chocolate, center filled chocolate, two colors chocolate, four color chocolate, amber or agate chocolate, etc.

The Automatic Cookies Making Machines is featured in compact structure, complete functiom,servo motor,touch screen control and computure memory.Besides,it has multiple purpose and can change pastry tube quickly and the tube is rotatable.Serve as cake filling and filling roller adopt silica round gear to reduce defoaming of cake paste.It can also used in targeted or displaced filling.
Range of application:fancy cookie/biscuit/muffin/cupcake

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