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What are the applications of Industrial Deep Fryer Machine Systems



Industrial Deep Fryer Machine Systems feature: stainless steel manufacturing, double mesh belt conveyor products, variable frequency speed regulation, shaping plate mesh belt, prevent the products from floating, to prevent deformation, oil-water mixed automatic slag. A mesh belt turnover mechanism, can at any time to clean up the oil floating debris and mesh belt residue.

As fryer builds up in the vat, moisture in the protein is trapped, leaving you with perfectly tender and moist meat while retaining a crispy exterior.

 Food coming out of the pressure fryer has a longer holding “life” too, which is perfect for grocery deli grab-n-go displays.
The automatic filtration system keeps oil fresh and extends its usable life.

This saves you money over the life of the fryer and keeps your food tasting consistent every time.

A built-in cold zone in the vat collects breading fall-off, keeping oil fresh and clean.

 With the push of a button and the twist of a handle, filtering oil is easy and safe. The patented quick-disconnect allows for easy removal of the filtering vat.

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