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The advantages of small automatic biscuit making machine

Small automatic biscuit making machine adopts high-quality electrical components, frequency conversion speed regulation, energy-saving and reliable, support single control, joint control.

Small automatic biscuit making machine adopts high-quality electrical components, frequency conversion speed regulation, energy-saving and reliable, support single control, joint control. It can adjust the production of various biscuit products according to the user's site requirements and the biscuit process requirements to achieve the desired results.

Seductive biscuits.

Our Small Biscuit Making Machine has many advantages:

1. The upper sliding block type screw rod, the worm wheel, and the worm adjust the thickness of the surface blank, the thickness is digital, the control is accurate, the precision is up to 0.01 mm, and the quality of the biscuit is improved.

2. The microcomputer PID automatic temperature control system, the advanced electric appliance part, is a touch-type display screen, the programming control, the installation of the double-safety travel switch, the automatic production, the health, and safety.

3. The steel mesh belt conveying, automatic expansion mechanism and defective removal device can further improve the biscuit's product quality.

4. The general assembly power and other data can be freely customized by the user. We master the core technology, production, and sales experience, and ensure that the equipment is satisfactory.

5. the far-infrared heating pipe has the advantages of low energy consumption and high efficiency, and the heat preservation of the high-density material can greatly reduce heat consumption.

6. The machine tool of the rolling machine adopts the pneumatic power, the number of rolling surfaces is adjustable, and almost all the production requirements of different users can be met.

7. The automatic feeding system is used for an automatic quantitative conveying device for flour, grease, water, etc. for one or more flour and flour machines. And the method is accurate and high efficiency.

8. The high-quality stainless steel material of the Small automatic biscuit making machine, the food-grade PU ring belt, and the pneumatic tightening and adjusting device are adopted.

9. The separation slope can be adjusted horizontally before and after, and the separation position can be adjusted to achieve the ideal separation effect according to the different skin quality.

10. The Automatic Biscuit Making Machine comes with horizontal recovery and sends the remaining materials to the side recovery machine. Horizontal recovery can be operated in both directions to facilitate the treatment of recycled materials.

Small automatic biscuit making machine

There are the following shortcomings in the existing market:

1. The cost of the investment is high, and a variety of biscuits cannot be produced. It is not possible to implement one machine to control the acquisition cost of the equipment. It is also not conducive to timely adjustment of production to adapt to the market.

2. Because the process of demoulding and the like is operated by hand, the workers' labor intensity is high.

3. The cost is high, the canvas has the joint, the waste is much, the other is no secondary separation, the waste surface also enters the oven, the resource is wasted, and the production cost is not reasonable.

4. The hopper's material is easy to overhead so that the pressure of the grooved roller and the mold is insufficient, the defective product is produced, and the finished product rate is low.

5. The canvas has no power, the adjustment is not synchronous, the slip phenomenon is generated, the production efficiency is reduced.

6. The canvas is not automatically adjusted, and the canvas is easily pulled out, and the production amount is not improved.  

Relevant Parameters of Small Biscuit Making Machine:


production capacity

Roller diameter


external dimension




















Note: The above parameters are part of the model small automatic biscuit making machine data for reference only. Please contact us for more information, and you will be satisfied.

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For the processes of surface, feed, pressing, molding, conveying, scrap recovery, baking, fuel injection, cooling, and packaging, etc., biscuit making machine can be integrated to complete automatically. Biscuit product thickness arbitrary adjustable, mechanical speed can be fast and slow speed regulation. Automatic temperature control, leakage automatic power alarm, and a series of advanced devices will contribute to your biscuit factory production process, escort.

Wide application is an attractive advantage for small automatic biscuit making machine. It is suitable for processing almost all baked goods, such as cookies, bread, cakes, moon cakes, biscuits, toast, French sticks, and so on, and is the ideal equipment for food manufacturers.

We insist on the perfection, innovation, absorption of the superior technology of food machinery at home and abroad, and innovation. The quality of survival is our principle, and the design of the operation process is improved. We treat our customers with enthusiasm, and we can solve various problems for our customers at any time. Welcome to contact us for the Small Capacity Mini Biscuit Making Machine.

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