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Professional Nutrition Powder Making Machine With Custom-Design Service


Introduction of Nutrition Powder Making Machine:

Baby rice flour is based on the nutritional needs of infants at different stages of growth and development, using high-quality rice as the main raw material, plus milk powder, egg yolk powder, soybean powder, vegetable oil, cane sugar, etc., after crushing, grinding, high-temperature sterilization and more than a dozen processes and fortified with iron, zinc, calcium, iodine and other trace elements and various types of vitamins and a variety of nutrients scientific refinement of infant growth support food.

Rice flour is the main raw material for "baby rice flour", because the quality of rice protein is the best among cereal proteins. The amino acid ratio of rice protein is reasonable, and the composition of essential amino acids is close to the WHO recommended pattern, with the content of the first limiting amino acid lysine higher than that of other cereals. The amount and ratio of amino acids contained in proteins vary from food to food, and only when the ratio of amino acids in food is more consistent with the human body, the body is able to utilize these protein foods efficiently. Therefore, the utilization rate of rice protein is high. The biomass value of rice protein (the part of protein that can be stored and utilized by the body after digestion and absorption) is as high as 77, which is the first among cereals, and its nutritional value is comparable to that of egg protein. The digestibility of rice protein is over 90%. Another important value of rice protein is mainly reflected in its hypoallergenic nature (compared to soy and milk proteins), the absence of pigment interference, and its soft and non-irritating taste. And rice starch is rapidly and thoroughly digested, resulting in a higher glycemic response and lower colonic fermentation and anti-diarrhea. Therefore, rice becomes the main ingredient of choice for all types of nutritional rice flour for infants and children.

The whole nutrition powder production line can automatically complete the production from mixer,twin screw extruder,air conveyor, multi-layer oven,automatic crash system,blending machine to the finished product.

Details of the production line:

Production capacity


Electricity supply

Customised according to your local electricity situation.

Machine details

1.Stainless steel:201, 304, 316, on request.

2.Electrical components can be ABB, Delta, Fuji, Siemens, famous brands.



 Flow chart of Nutrition Powder processing line: 

Raw Material Crushing - Batching - Mixing - Extrusion - Forming -Crushing - Screening - Drying


Features of the Nutrition Powder processing line

1.Productivity:automated system for controlled and stable production on a continuous basis, easy and quick product change, automatic start-up, simple cleaning and maintenance procedures.

2.Economical: low investment, quick results.

3.Environmental protection: moderate output and energy saving.

4.Intelligent control system: PLC control of production to ensure optimum process parameters for each recipe.

5.Automatic lubrication system can reduce power consumption and prolong service life.

Parameters of the Nutrition Powder Production Line


Installed Power


Power Consumption






LY65 Nutrition Powder Production Line





LY70 Nutrition Powder Production Line





LY85 Nutrition Powder Production Line





LY90Nutrition Powder Production Line





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