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Potato Chips Production Line


A fully automatic potato chips production line is a series of machines and equipment designed to automate the process of making potato chips from raw potatoes. Fully automatic potato chips production line includes several stages, such as washing and peeling the potatoes, slicing them into thin chips, frying the chips, seasoning them, and packaging them.The fully automatic potato chips production line is designed to ensure high efficiency and consistency in the quality of the final product, as well as reduce the need for manual labor. Fully automatic potato chips production line is commonly used by food manufacturers to produce large quantities of potato chips in a short period of time, and the machines used in the fully automatic potato chips production line can be customized to meet specific production requirements.

The Flowchart Of Potato Chips Process Line

  1. Feeding Material --- 2. Washing Machine --- 3. Peeling Machine --- 4. Sorting Machine --- 5. Feeding Material --- 6. Slicing Machine --- 7. Rinsing Machine --- 8. Blanching Machine --- 9. Vibration De-Watering Machine --- 10. Frying Machine --- 11. Vibration De-Oiling Machine --- 12. Air-Dry Cooling Line --- 13. Roller Seasoning Machine --- 14. Packaging Machine

The Function Of Potato Chips Process Line

  1. Washing Machine:Use the washing machine to remove debris and other debris from the raw material.
  2. Peeling Machine:The pre-washed potatoes enter the peeling machine through the elevator, and are thoroughly peeled by the emery roller and the hair roller.Potatoes are automatically discharged by screwing, and the peeling time can be adjusted.
  3. Sorting Machine:With product recycling system, convenient for machine to select and dispose of defective products and improve the quality of the final product.
  4. Slicing Machine:Qualified potatoes automatically enter the potato chip machine through the picking line, and the potato chip machine continuously completes the cutting work.
  5. Rinsing Machine:The cut potato chips fall directly into the rinsing machine, and are washed by bubbles and waves, so that the potato chips are in the rolling state, the starch on the surface of the potato chips is fully washed.
  6. Blanching Machine:After the potato chips are rinsed, they enter the blanching machine. It maintains the original fresh color of the potato strips, and is conducive to the evaporation of water.  
  7. Vibration De-watering Machine:Under the high-frequency vibration of the vibrating motor, the moisture on the outside of the potato strip is fully removed.
  8. Frying Machine:The potato chips are fried by the tetrafluoro rod flipping process.
  9. Vibration De-Oiling Machine:Under the high-frequency vibration of the vibrating motor, the oil on the outside of the potato strip is fully removed, and the material enters the air main line in the vibration state.
  10. Air-Dry Cooling LineReduce the temperature of the potato chips in a short period of time
  11. Roller Seasoning Machine:It can make a variety of flavored potato chips
  12. Packaging Machine:Finally, the potato chips are packaged and prepared for shipping to retailers and other food manufacturers.

The Parameter Of Potato Chips Process Line

Parameter Of Fully Automatic Potato Chips Process Line





Water Consumption


Steam Consumption


Workshop Area




4 t/h





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6 t/h





7 t/h



Advantages of Potato Chips Process Line

Improve Efficiency

The potato chip production line is designed to significantly reduce manual labor. Automated processes ensure that the potatoes are washed, sliced, blanched, fried, seasoned and packed quickly and accurately, resulting in a high level of efficiency.

Stable Quality

The production line uses standardized equipment to produce potato chips with stable quality. This ensures that every batch of chips has the same flavor and texture, increasing customer satisfaction and brand loyalty.

Cost Savings

The use of automated equipment reduces the need for labor, thereby saving costs. In addition, the potato chips are uniform in size and have less oil absorption during frying, further reducing production costs.

Increased Throughput

The production line can produce potato chips on a large scale, thereby increasing throughput. This enables manufacturers to meet rising demand for their products and achieve higher production volumes.

Improved Safety

The use of automated equipment in the potato chip production line eliminates the need for manual lifting and cutting, which makes the process safer for workers. In addition, safety measures such as fire suppression systems are integrated into the equipment to minimize the possibility of accidents.


The potato chips production line is suitable for a wide variety of potatoes, and the size of potato chips can be adjusted according to customer needs. This makes it possible to produce various flavors and sizes to meet the needs of different markets.

Overall, the potato chip production line provides an efficient and cost-effective solution for the mass production of crispy, high-quality potato chips.

What’s Advantage Of Potato Chips?

Quick And Convenient

Potato chips are easy to find and purchase, and they require no preparation, making them a quick and convenient snack option.


Potato chips come in small bags that are easy to carry with you, making them a convenient option for snacking on the go.

Crispy Texture

The crispy texture of potato chips can be satisfying to eat and can help to satisfy cravings for crunchy foods.

Flavor Variety

There are many different flavors of potato chips available, which can add some variety to your snacking routine.

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