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Microwave Honeysuckle Herb Drying Sterilization Machine will be sent to Uganda

Microwave Honeysuckle Herb Drying Sterilization Machine will be sent to Uganda by Shandong Loyal Industrial Co.,Ltd. , we provide latest information about the products regularly.

   In May last year, I received an online inquiry from Alibaba. It is understood that a customer from Uganda, his name is John, wants to buy a Microwave Honeysuckle Herb Drying Sterilization Machine, such as drying some honeysuckle, Banlangen, etc., which can be dried and sterilized. Of course our loyal, I told John our microwave dryer can meet the conditions he needs.

After several video inspections and conversations for more than two months, he finally bought a 150kw Microwave Honeysuckle Herb Drying Sterilization Machine .

Through understanding, the Ugandan customer owns a company, which is a pharmaceutical company, and has a certain influence in Uganda and occupies a certain market share. He now has a number of factories. When he found us this time, he was in urgent need of equipment, because he A few years ago, a Microwave Honeysuckle Herb Drying Sterilization Machine was purchased locally in Uganda, and now it is old and damaged and cannot be used normally. I told him that we can fully trust us that our machines will be covered for a few years.


Features of Microwave Honeysuckle Herb Drying Sterilization Machine

Equipment Model

60KW Microwave Drying Machine

120KW Microwave Drying Machine

operating frequency




Rated input apparent power




Microwave output




Inlet and outlet height




type of cooling

Water-cooling/Air cooling

Water-cooling/Air cooling


Dehydration Rate





Ugandan customer John mainly wants to dry honeysuckle, which has been known as a good medicine for clearing away heat and detoxification since ancient times.
It is sweet and fragrant in nature, sweet and cold and clears heat without hurting the stomach, and the fragrance is transparent and can dispel pathogens.
Honeysuckle can not only dispel wind-heat, but also clear and detoxify blood. It is used for various febrile venereal diseases, such as body heat, rash, spots, heat-toxic sore carbuncle, sore throat, etc., with significant effects. Because of this characteristic of honeysuckle, he is much loved by people.


Microwave Honeysuckle Herb Drying Sterilization Machine Technical Parameter






380V three phase


Rated power



12set (1210*810*1750mm)


Tray Quantity

312pcs (600*800*50mm)

Tray Material

PP or Stainless steel

Input capacity


Drying temperature


Dryer time

depends on material moisture

Energy consumption



In recent years, due to the impact of the epidemic, people are more and more afraid of getting sick and catching a cold, so they always keep some cold medicines at home. As a result, medicinal materials like honeysuckle are unanimously loved by everyone, and the market demand for honeysuckle is increasing. In this specific environment, the purchase of machines by customers will also increase.

                   Microwave Honeysuckle Herb Drying Sterilization Machine will be sent to Uganda
The Ugandan customer is very concerned about the material of our machinery and equipment. He is afraid that similar things will happen again. I immediately provided the material of our machine and sent him the material inspection report. The shell of the microwave oven is made of stainless steel and other metal materials. It can prevent microwaves from escaping from the oven, so as not to affect the health of the body. Stainless steel types: 201 and 304. He immediately believed me, and he wanted more information about the machine. I sent him various information about our machine.

Since he has a lot of experience before, he understands a lot of things. After explaining to him how to use and install it, he placed an order for our machine.

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