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Introduction to Automatic Deep Fryer Machine


Fried food is very popular among adults and children because of its crispy and delicious aroma, which can increase appetite. As fried food is very popular, the demand for frying machines in major food processing plants is also increasing. . The Automatic Deep fryer machine is a new type of high-tech product. Its emergence solves many shortcomings of traditional frying methods and brings good news to food processing companies.

Fully automatic frying machine

The Frying equipment uses high-quality 304 stainless steel material, advanced technology, and intelligent digital display temperature control device, which is convenient and practical. The temperature of oil and water can be completely controlled by yourself, which can save 40% of electricity and 50% of oil, which is very energy-efficient and cost-effective. Compared with previous frying methods, it has many advantages and can bring better economic benefits to enterprises.

Advantages of Automatic Deep fryer machine:

1. The oil can flow in the tunnel to ensure the stable temperature of the oil.
2. Multiple temperature control systems can save more power consumption, unique temperature control panel, easy to operate, simple and safe.
3. The Automatic frying production line has an automatic lifting system to make cleaning and fixing easier.
4. Fully automatic frying equipment is specially designed for high-volume frying, which can save electricity and oil.
5. Using oil-water mixing technology, the combustion chamber, induced draft fan, and chimney are installed outside the workshop without affecting the workshop.
6. Fried food production line can realize automatic feeding, manual feeding, automatic temperature control, automatic stirring, etc.
7. The automatic unloading system can reduce the labor intensity of workers, ensure the consistency of frying time, and improve product quality.
8. The automatic oil scraping system can continuously remove the residual oil generated during the frying process from the bottom, thereby keeping the frying oil clean and prolonging the service life of the frying oil.

Technical parameters of Automatic Deep fryer machine:



Basket size(mm)

Power(kw / Hz)

temperature range



1600 * 1500 * 1650

1000 * 400





1700 * 1600 * 1650

1200 * 400





1900 * 1900 * 1650

1500 * 400




Fryer has a variety of models to choose from, used for fried nuts, peanuts, beans, puffed snacks and many other snacks, it can maintain food nutrition. According to the unified design and production of various food equipment combination programs, a complete production line can be formed. The Automatic Deep fryer machine performs computer integrated control for cleaning, slicing, screening, blanching, drying, frying, cooling, mixing, packaging, quick freezing, etc. It greatly improves the degree of automation, provides process control capabilities and completeness, and meets the needs of mass production. At the same time, it can be customized according to the actual production needs of customers to meet the production needs under different conditions.

Fried food

With its own unique advantages, this Automatic Deep fryer machine is very popular in domestic and foreign markets, and is deeply trusted and praised by customers. The food fried with it is also very delicious, full of color and flavor. Its similar products, such as cooking equipment, food processing machine, baking equipment, snack extruder, etc. have also developed very well. After reading the introduction of the product, if you have a need in this regard, choose it, and it will bring you satisfactory results!

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