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Instant Noodle Production Lines Are Becoming More And More Popular

Many authoritative experts in the field of food safety have also "rectified their names" for instant noodles. The safety of instant noodles manufactured under modern technology is guaranteed.

The total global output of instant noodles exceeded 100 billion copies as early as 2013. But manufacturers in various countries still often encounter rumors and continue to be troubled.

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Instant noodles have been "demonized" for too long and misunderstood too deeply. Rumors such as lack of nutrition, indigestible in 32 days, high oil and salt content, toxic packaging, and black heart oil have caused many consumers to "distract their faces".

In fact, scientific experiments have proved that instant noodles made by automatic instant noodles making machine are not only safe, but are no worse than burgers and steamed buns in terms of nutrition and digestibility.

Many authoritative experts in the field of food safety have also "rectified their names" for instant noodles. The safety of instant noodles manufactured under modern technology is guaranteed.

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After being implicated by rumors, instant noodles innovation

The rumors of instant noodles made by industrial instant noodles making equipment are not new in recent years. They were encountered within a few years after the world’s first instant noodles-chicken ramen noodles came out.

In the 1960s, the successful invention of chicken ramen noodles attracted many imitators. According to Momofuku Ando, the father of instant noodles, by 1965, the number of manufacturers that had poured into the instant noodle industry was "too many to count accurately," and "roughly reached 360." Because of the emergence of some fake and inferior products. Rumors about instant noodles have also appeared in the market. And the chicken ramen created by Momofuku Ando has also been involved in food safety public opinion.

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Momofuku Ando mentioned in his memoirs. When I heard these rumors, I was very surprised. "It's hard to imagine that food dried with 160°C hot oil will have safety problems." Later investigations found that it was a counterfeit product, and eventually the innocence of the chicken ramen was restored.

It is this series of events that has enabled the instant noodle industry to move towards a safer and more regulated road.

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In 1965, Momofuku Ando decided to mark the date of manufacture on all instant noodle products produced. This was the first food company in the world at that time. It is said that the general manager of a pastry factory at that time shouted at him: "Who started to think of this stupid thing?" However, Momofuku Ando has always been proud of pioneering the creation of food manufacturing dates.


Since then, the Japan Ramen Industry Association has also conducted detailed discussions on the components of instant noodles made by small instant noodles making production line, date indications, and manufacturing standards, and has formulated legal measures to give consumers peace of mind. In this context, the Japanese agricultural and forestry standards for instant noodles have been implemented.

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Instant noodles will be healthier and more refined in the future.

From the day instant noodles were born. Momofuku Ando has set up five goals and conditions of "simple, nutritious, hygienic, inexpensive, and long-term storage". With technological innovation and increased health awareness worldwide. Many instant noodle companies are committed to the research and development of healthier and more refined instant noodle products.

South Korea has the highest per capita consumption of instant noodles in the world. In response to consumers' growing health-conscious trend, South Korea has tried to replace salt with natural ingredients such as mushrooms and kelp. Thai companies use potassium chloride instead of sodium chloride to reduce the salt content of instant noodles by 10%-15%.

In Japan, nutrients such as calcium and vitamins B1 and B2 are added to the condiments and dry packs of some instant noodles. Various instant noodles with special effects will appear in the future. Such as adding plant fiber, bone collagen, instant noodles to prevent obesity; adding chitin, instant noodles that can lower cholesterol, etc.

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In my country, instant noodle companies continue to carry out research and innovation on the nutritional value of products. Launched nutritious and healthy instant noodles. Favored by consumers.

Some consumers are accustomed to treating instant noodles as low-end foods, which are mainly brewed, and they also bear the stigma of single nutrition. But in South Korea, Japan and other countries, people love instant noodles beyond imagination. South Korea consumes 74 packs of instant noodles per capita annually. Instant noodles as a fast food have not only penetrated into the daily diet. There are also ramen restaurants specializing in instant noodles. And a pot specially used to make instant noodles.

In the eyes of Koreans, instant noodles are not only simple, fast, affordable, but also nutritious, delicious and healthy. They are an indispensable food for almost every family. Whether you are at home, at work, or when you go shopping, you can eat as long as you want. As a "national food", instant noodles have developed into a unique and mature culture.

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