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Industrial Microwave Drying Of Yellow Mealworms Technology


Introduction Of Microwave Drying Of Yellow Mealworms Machine:

Microwave drying of yellow mealworms machine is a specialized device used in the food industry to dry and preserve yellow mealworms using microwave technology. yellow mealworms are commonly used as a source of protein in animal feed, pet food, and even human consumption. drying mealworms helps to increase their shelf life and reduce their weight, making them easier to transport and store.The process of microwave drying is fast and efficient, and it can be used on a large scale to dry large quantities of mealworms at once. this makes it a popular choice in the food industry, where large-scale production is necessary to meet demand.

Feature Of Microwave Drying Of Yellow Mealworms Machine:

1.High efficiency: The machine uses microwave technology to dry and preserve mealworms, which is a fast and efficient process compared to other drying methods.

2.Even heating: The microwaves penetrate the mealworms evenly, ensuring that each worm is dried to the same degree.

3.Large capacity: The machine can handle large quantities of mealworms at once, which is essential for large-scale food production.

4.Easy to operate: The machine is user-friendly, with simple controls and easy-to-follow instructions.

5.Customizable settings: The machine's settings can be adjusted to suit specific drying requirements, such as temperature, time, and power level.

6.Safe and hygienic: The machine is designed to meet food safety standards, and the drying process helps to eliminate bacteria and other harmful pathogens.

7.Energy efficient: The machine is designed to be energy efficient, reducing energy consumption and lowering operating costs.

Parameter Of Microwave Drying Of Yellow Mealworms Machine:

1. Equipment Model

LY-60HM (Continuous)

2. Equipment Power


3. Microwave Power

60Kw (Adjustable)

4. Equipment Size (Length*Width*Height)

10520*1802*1750mm (Size Can Be Customized)

5. Thawing Material Temperature

-2 - Below 0°C

6. Equipment Material

The Whole Machine Is Made Of 304 Stainless Steel

7. Equipment Capacity

800~1000 Kg/Hour

8.Equipment Color


Details Display Of Microwave Drying Of Yellow Mealworms Machine

Applications Of Microwave Drying Of Yellow Mealworms Machine:


Animal feed

Mealworms are commonly used as a source of protein in animal feed. Drying mealworms using the microwave drying machine helps to preserve them and increase their shelf life, making them a cost-effective and sustainable source of animal protein.


Pet food

Mealworms are also used as an ingredient in pet food, particularly for dogs and cats. Drying mealworms using the microwave drying machine ensures that they are free from harmful pathogens and suitable for use in pet food.


Human consumption

Mealworms are also being considered as a sustainable and nutrient-rich food source for human consumption. Drying mealworms using the microwave drying machine helps to remove excess moisture, making them easier to store and use in a variety of recipes.


Research and development

The microwave drying machine can also be used in research and development of mealworm-based products, such as protein powders and snacks.


Advantages Of Loyal Microwave Drying And Sterilization Equipment:

1.Adopt Food Grade Stainless Steel, Nice Appearance, Easy To Clean.

2.Microwave Can Penetrate Through The Materials So That The Inside And Outside Are Heated At The Same Time, Short Processing Time,Evenly Drying And Thorough Terilization. No Extra Heat Loss, High Heat Efficiency, Saving Energy.

3.Thermal Effect And Non-Thermal Effect Work Together, Achieving Ideal Sterilization Effect At Low Temperature And Short Time, The Vegetable Can Keep Their Nutrition Components To The Maximum.

4.Adopt Non-Contact Infrared Temperature Measurement Technology, High Precision, Automatic Control.

5.Frequency Adjustable Conveyor Speed, Step-less Adjustable Microwave Power, Instant Heating And Stop, No Thermal Inertia,Convenient Operation.

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