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How To Use Extrusion Machinery For Pet Food?

The processing of pet food extrusion machinery is mainly through a variety of different means , and various raw materials are added to pet food extrusion machinery to make shaped food.

The processing of pet food extrusion machinery is mainly through a variety of different means , and various raw materials are added to pet food extrusion machinery to make shaped food. This kind of food can meet the nutrients required by pets. The pet food extruder is not only used as the staple food of pets, but also has a good improvement in the palatability and digestibility of pets.

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Dog food is one of the categories of pet food. The dog food extruder machinery’s range of dog food is very wide, including pet snack food, dental sticks, bones, nutrient liquid, nutrient powder, and dry food, wet food, semi-dry food, canned food, etc. In order to make pet food plays a large degree of nutritional function, different raw materials are processed in different forms and degrees.

The processing of puffed dog food is basically divided into three categories: physical method, chemical method, and microbiological method. The physical method mainly refers to the extrusion, heating, crushing, and bonding of raw materials, and the chemical method is to denature starch and degrade protein. The microbiological law refers to the fermentation of a certain raw material.

In the past technical guidance work, we have been to some pet dog farms, and they are also making some dog food. However, in order to reduce the input cost, some individual dog farms choose some small pet food extrusion equipment without extrusion process and there is no post-spraying process. After pet dogs eat the dog food produced by pet food extrusion equipment, they often suffer from diarrhea and anorexia.  This shows that extrusion puffing, spraying these two core processes in the production of pet food is important.  

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