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How Does The Nutritional Rice Production Line Produce High Quality And Healthy Rice?

Rice is one of the main food sources in the world. Many valuable nutrients are lost in the process of whitening and polishing rice. Therefore, we adopt twin-screw extrusion technology in the commercial extruded nutritious instant rice processing line.

Rice is one of the main food sources in the world. Many valuable nutrients are lost in the process of whitening and polishing rice. Therefore, we adopt twin-screw extrusion technology in the commercial extruded nutritious instant rice processing line, take broken rice and other raw materials, mix it with a nutritional fortifier premix after pulverization, and then enter the extruder to re-granulate after being tempered by steam and water, and finally dried. Mixed with natural rice, nutrition fortified rice can be obtained.

rice machineDevice configuration of automatic nutrition rice processing line:

①Mixer ②Screw conveyor ③Twin screw extruder ④Vibration feeder ⑤Air conveyor ⑥Dryer ⑦Conveyor ⑧Polishing machine

rice making The twin-screw secondary extrusion preparation method of industrial nutritious instant rice production line uses rice flour as the main raw material, and other grain powder, food additives, micronutrients, salt, etc. as auxiliary materials.

When the material enters the sleeve through the feeding device of nutritious instant rice machines, the screw is used to force the material to be conveyed, and the material is extruded, mixed, sheared, sterilized and matured continuous processing in the extrusion barrel through the high temperature and high pressure generated by the calendering effect and heating, so that starch gelatinization. The temperature of the barrel is controlled by the water cooling system of the machine to reduce the high temperature generated by the barrel.

machineAfter low-temperature extrusion, the material passes through a special mold, and the nutrient rice obtained is shaped and cooked but not puffed. The pulverized rice flour is mixed with flour and other grain flours according to the ratio, and then adjusted by adding water to make the moisture content about 24%-40%. By compounding different food improvers, grain powders and nutritional fortifiers, a series of products with unique flavors and suitable for the nutritional needs of different people can be produced.

Nutrition fortification:

It is the process of adding one or more nutrients or certain natural food ingredients to food according to the nutritional needs of different groups of people, or in order to make up for the innate deficiency of a certain type of food, to improve the nutritional value of food.

riceThe role of nutritional fortification:

1. Make up for the nutritional deficiencies of natural foods: lysine deficiency and vitamin insufficiency in cereals

2. Loss of nutrients during processing and storage of supplementary food

3. Meet the nutritional needs of special populations

4. Simplify meal handling and convenient food intake

5. Prevention of malnutrition: regional prevention

nutrition riceRegular consumption of nutritious instant rice can improve people's dietary nutrition, supplement the lack of micro-nutrients, meet the normal physiological needs of the human body, and reduce the occurrence of various nutritional deficiencies, thereby improving people's health.

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