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Drinking Rice Straw Making Machine Production Line

Drinking Rice Straw Making using single-screw extrusion technology, combined with the company's many years of experience in puffing technology research, in order to meet the needs of the food and related industries and design and manufacture of new puffed food equipment.

Drinking Rice Straw Making using single-screw extrusion technology, combined with the company's many years of experience in puffing technology research, in order to meet the needs of the food and related industries and design and manufacture of new puffed food equipment. Series of screw machine from the feeding system, extrusion system, rotary cutting system, heating system, transmission system, control system. The machine of drinking rice strawe equipment adopts advanced puffing and extruding technology, by changing the mould and changing the production process, it makes it easier and better for the operator to produce the edible and environmentally friendly straws needed to meet the market demand. The drinking rice strawe equipment production line has a small footprint, flexible configuration, easy operation and high adaptability, and is well received by the industry.


       Compared to ordinary straws, the drinking rice strawe equipment production line has a unique process, reasonable configuration, high degree of automation, stable performance, environmental protection, pollution-free, and can also be used for direct consumption after use. The straws can last two to three hours in hot drinks and longer in cold drinks, and after tasting the straws are crispy and taste like rice potpies. The production equipment is exported to dozens of countries abroad and fills the gaps in the production of edible straws at home, which is your equipment of choice.


Introduction to the Drinking Rice Straw Making


     The main raw materials are rice flour, maize flour, flour or other grains and cereals, using a unique extrusion process to produce environmentally friendly drinking rice strawe  in a variety of shapes that are popular on the market. The production line is rationally designed, highly automated, and the extrusion parameters are precisely controlled. The main machine is equipped with a high and low pressure screw, which increases the range of raw materials used, reduces costs and improves production quality, and customers can add edible colours to make colourful straws.

edible rice straw makinf machine production line

      The straws are incinerated in a harmless manner to avoid environmental pollution. The main ingredient of the product is corn + rice, partially added food colouring, original colour: no added black: bamboo charcoal powder other colours: lion head brand food colouring, our raw material is corn + rice! Mainly corn! The rice straw was the first of its kind in Vietnam! Vietnam's raw material advantage is rice, China's is maize! Also known as spaghetti straws and rice straws Straw disposal after use: can be used for feed, composting, food waste disposal, outdoor environment 3-6 months natural degradation. The straws should be stored in an airtight container in a dry and cool place. The shelf life is 18 months and by the end of 2009, the use of non-biodegradable disposable plastic straws will be banned in the catering industry nationwide. The Circular makes it clear that the ban does not cover plastic straws that come with the packaging of foodstuffs such as milk and beverages. Disposable plastic straws: In order to reduce the use of disposable plastic straws, some catering companies have modified the lids of cold drink cups.


       They can last longer in cold drinks, up to 3 to 4 hours. Rice straws are also fully biodegradable and more eco-friendly and can be used as an alternative to plastic straws, without polluting the environment as plastic straws do, and in compliance with multi-national regulations. Compared to plastic straws, the edible rice straw processing line produces products with a unique process, rational configuration, high automation, stable performance, environmental protection and no pollution compared to ordinary straws, which can also be consumed directly after use. The straws can last for two to three hours in hot beverages and longer in cold beverages. As we all know, is that we eat sugar gourd, the outer layer of white paper, this paper is made of glutinous rice, can be eaten directly, this is to avoid sugar gourd, sticky everywhere, now basically all the sugar gourd above, this eat, one is to feel fun, is the taste is really good. The rice straws I am introducing to you today are also a fun and edible item made from rice.

      In order to seize the environmental business opportunities arising from the policy dividend, a company has developed a "rice straw" that can be eaten directly from rice as a packaging material, and plans to supply hundreds of cafes and some high-end hotels in Korea. From the outside, the 'rice straw' looks just like an ordinary plastic straw and is very easy to use. As for the taste of the straw itself, the texture is similar to that of a rice potstick, which tastes a little hard. The rice straw is able to soak in hot beverages for two to three hours, and lasts longer in cold beverages. According to Kim Kwang-rim, the Korean rice straw developer, "In addition to 70 per cent rice, the straw also contains 30 per cent tapioca, the material used to make pearls in pearl milk tea, which makes the straw sturdy and tough, as well as a smoother surface. The production process of the rice straws is not complicated and the company has been able to reduce the wholesale price of a single straw to 15 won, or about nine cents, through automation and large-scale production, according to CCTV's International Business Report.

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