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Case Study Of Automatic Stainless Steel Deep Fryer Peanut Snack Food Fryer Machine From Pakistan


Automatic stainless steel deep fryer peanut snack food fryer machine is developed on the basis of absorbing the essence of similar automatic frying machine and integrating the advantages of similar commercial deep fryer. In addition, the frying machine technology has been greatly improved based on previous customer feedback, and now the frying equipment is well received by customers. After half a month of negotiations, the customer from Pakistan was greatly impressed by the quality of our Automatic Fryer Machine and the company's strength, then decided to establish a long-term business relationship with us.

Peanut Snack Food Fryer MachineAutomatic peanut snack food fryer machine design good manufacturing process. Industrial fryer machine can fried snacks, various nuts and meats, peanuts, beans, chicken, snacks chips,seafood for sale.

The next is the brief introduction of Automatic Stainless Steel Deep Fryer Peanut Snack Food Fryer Machine:

  1. Frying equipment whole oil temperature automatic control, the temperature from 0-300 degrees can be set arbitrarily, suitable for frying a variety of process requirements of food, so that the taste of the food blown more crispy.
    2. Frying equipment use of double-belt conveyor with food, up and down with variable frequency speed.
    3. According to the different fried food to adjust the transmission speed of the network, fast heating, high production efficiency.
    4. Set up the electric lift system to facilitate the workers to clean and maintain the body.
    5. Electric fryer machine are also automatic smoke system and constant temperature continuous production system to ensure that workers have a good working environment.

Peanut Snacks SampleMain performance and Features of Automatic Peanut Fryer Machine:

Item No.

Advantage of Fryer Machine Systems


Optional heating method: electricity, gas, steam, electromagnetism, etc


Frying time can be set, automatic temperature control 0-300°C. PLC touch screen control.


Mesh belt conveyor speed is adjustable


Can be equipped with oil filter machine and oil tank.


Equipped with mesh lifting system, easy to clean.


Unique inner structure with proprietary technology, energy saving, quick heating.


With oil storage tank and oil pump


Fire-extinguishing device is optional.


Oil refined filtration device is optional.


PLC centrally controls the frying process in high automation.


Adopt oil circulating heating makes temperature up fast and ensure the oil temperature steady.


Whole machine made of food-grade stainless steel 304, steady performance, good quality

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Industrial continuous fryers have been sold to many countries and regions with very competitive prices and superior functions, which can meet the different needs of domestic and international fields.

Customer recognition and cooperation are our consistent work goals and our driving force. Our company has developed to the present, to the quality of development, to survive by strength, adhere to the principle of customer first, do a good job, serve customers, so it has ushered in more and more friends and business partners around the world. Our company is committed to creating top quality food making machinery.

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