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Application of Automatic Potato Chips Production Line



Potato contains a lot of carbohydrates and protein, minerals, vitamins, etc., the potato is a drop in blood pressure. Can do staple food, can also be used as a vegetable, or do auxiliary food such as French fries, potato chips, etc., are used to make starch, fans, etc..

Potato chips machine is not a single machine, but including the division of it's extension, the extension includes: Peeler and washer, cutter, hot water sinks, cold water sinks, Water dehydrator, Oil-water separate fryer, Oil dehydrator, Flavor and packing machine.

(1).Stainless Steel Potato Chips Frying Production Line consists of net belt conveying system, automatic elevating system, automatic filtrating system, oil temperature controlling system, oil adding system and heating system.  

(2).Stainless Steel Potato Chips Frying Production Line can fry the snack pellet, potato chips, yams, taros, peanuts, fish, dough snacks, green peas, fava beans, broad beans.

(3).Stainless Steel Potato Chips Frying Production Line can use heat--conducting oil with high temperature as heat resource,avoiding the damage to oil by directly heating.Meanwhile ,the energy can be many kinds of fuel such as electrical,gas,diesel oil,etc.

(4).Stainless Steel Potato Chips Frying Production Line application range is very wide.the oil capacity of the frying machine is low,the oil velocity is high,and the oil is filtered during cycling,and kept clean.It is special frying machine for pulse and nut.

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