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300kg/h Microwave Bake Puffing Equipment will be shipped to Algeria

300kg/h Microwave Bake Puffing Equipment will be shipped to Algeria by Shandong Loyal Industrial Co.,Ltd., we provide latest information about the products regularly.

On November 18, 2021, Hiba Geschenk, an Algeria customer, left me a message on Facebook about customizing Raisins Microwave Bake Puffing Equipment. We provide custom service but require customers to provide drawings.

Hiba Geschenk's company needs to sign a non-disclosure agreement with us before sending us the drawings. The drawings are all in Arabic. My Arabic proficiency is limited, but I can barely read it. Although it was a little difficult to communicate in English, Hiba Geschenk finally succeeded in placing the order for us, and I am very grateful to customers for their trust and support.

The customer is in the food and beverage industry, the company has been established for 30 years, and the industry chain is very mature.

                                        300kg/h Microwave Bake Puffing Equipment layout


The current order for Raisins Microwave Bake Puffing Equipment is to enter a new market and expand the industry. He had done a full feasibility analysis and when he came to me, his factory was fully ready and just waiting to buy the machine.

Hiba GeschenkWill the raisins affect their original taste after they come out of the Microwave Bake Puffing Equipment?

My reply: No. Microwave sterilization temperature is about 80 ℃, treatment time is 3 to 5 minutes, and it can keep its nutrients to the maximum extent, and does not affect the original flavor.

Hiba GeschenkIs this line suitable for other products besides raisins?

My reply: Raisins Microwave Bake Puffing Equipment uses microwave technology to dry, bake, bake, puff and sterilize agricultural products such as dried fruits, nuts, and miscellaneous grains.

Such asGrain Millet Mung Beans Buckwheat Red Beans Cocoa Powder Beans Powder,etc.

Hiba GeschenkDo the raisins change color after they come out of the device?

My reply: The appearance and color of the products baked by the microwave baking equipment remain unchanged, the particles are puffed and full, the taste is crisp, and it has the functions of killing insects and sterilizing.

                                                                                      sample of  Microwave Bake Puffing Equipment processing

Features of Raisins Microwave Bake Puffing Equipment:


High energy conversion efficiency and fast heating speed.


At the same time of microwave puffing, it is accompanied by a bactericidal effect.


The sterilization temperature of microwave is low, and the loss of nutrients of the material is small.


At the same time, the client asked me how the machine works?

I provided the customer with a detailed process flow, which made his understanding of the machine easier and clearer:

The process flow of Raisins Microwave Bake Puffing:

Extruded material to be dried - transmission - feed energy suppressor - microwave puffing section - discharge energy suppressor - discharge

Microwave puffing is a new puffing technology, which uses the characteristics of microwave heating (internal heating) to make the moisture in the material endothermic and vaporize, thereby making the starch gelatinization, protein denaturation and moisture in the material into steam, so as to make the food material Tissue swelling.

The microwave puffing technology has a fast heating speed and a short heating time of the food, which is not easy to cause some unnecessary chemical reactions of the food, and does not increase the fat of the food, and better retains the original flavor of the product.

After understanding the functional principle of the machine, the customer is very confident in this product market!

Customers are very positive about orders. Proactively communicate with me about payment methods, incoterms, etc. After receiving the customer's deposit, our production department starts to produce the machine for the customer. The customer recognized our company very much and wanted to buy another biscuit production line.

                                            300kg/h Raisins Microwave Bake Puffing Equipment in workshop

Now, we have invested in new orders, thank customers for their trust and support!

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