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1000kg/h Puffed Food Extruder Machine For Sale In Pakistan

1000kg/h Puffed Food Extruder Machine For Sale In Pakistan by Shandong Loyal Industrial Co.,Ltd., we provide latest information about the products regularly.

In October 2021, I was approached by a Pakistani food extruder customer who contacted me through our agent in Pakistan. He had bought a puffed food extruder from another company a year ago, but the quality was average. Now he wants to expand the production, and he also inquired around, and then found our agent in Pakistan. Our agent introduced him to our Loyal company's Machine products are capable, and he said he wanted to talk business with us. This 1000kg/h Puffed Food Extruder Machine customer's factory was small and medium-sized, with a 100kg/h puffed food production line. He already had some experience in this food production. In order to expand production, he wants to expand his factory, and at the same time he wants to buy 1000kg/h Puffed Food Extruder Machine.

The 1000kg/h Puffed Food Extruder Machine in Pakistan is concerned about the formula of raw materials, because the formula he used before could not make puffed food very well, so he now wants to ask if we can adjust the formula according to his needs and make it suitable for local tastes puffed food? We have a deep friendship with the Pakistani people, and our agent has been operating in Pakistan for many years, so we have a good understanding of the tastes of the local people, which gives him a lot of confidence. Here's our puffed food recipe for him:

Main Raw Material Ingredients For 1000kg/h Puffed Food Extruder Machine:

Rice Flour:


Corn Flour:




French Chalk




Candied Element

0.2% (Water-Solubility)


In Pakistan, the food processing industry is the second largest industry in the country. The number of people engaged in food processing accounts for about 15.8% of the total labor force in the country. There are more than 1,000 large-scale food processing enterprises, which can tap huge potential. Pakistan is a typical agricultural country, and the domestic output of agricultural products is huge. Therefore, food processing machinery using agricultural products as raw materials has obvious advantages in the development of the food processing industry. The Pakistan domestic food processing industry is relatively developed and has good future development prospects. Therefore, my Pakistani 1000kg/h Puffed Food Extruder Machine customer want to further expand their industries and bring more profits to themselves under this background.

After solving the problem of raw material formula, the Pakistani 1000kg/h Puffed Food Extruder Machine customer put forward new requirements. Because his previous factory was too small to accommodate 1000kg/h Puffed Food Extruder Machine, he asked if we could help him build a big factory? Of course, we are very experienced in this field. According to the size of his new open space, we arranged for an engineer to draw the layout of the 1000kg/h Puffed Food Extruder Machine production line that fits his site area. He has more confidence in us, which further promotes our cooperation.

(1000kg/h Puffed Food Extruder Machine production line)

The final customer purchased a 1000kg/h Puffed Food Extruder Machine production line. The delivery time is 60 working days, and it will be sent to Pakistan in a few days. At the same time, this customer has requirements for the brand of motors and electrical components of the 1000kg/h Puffed Food Extruder Machine. He wants us to provide electrical components from international brands such as ABB and Siemens. Of course, our Loyal company can provide them.


ABB Motor Of 1000kg/h Puffed Food Extruder Machine


Package Level 1 Units:

0 Carton


Product Name:

3-Phase Squirrel Cage Motor


Product Net Weight:

5.9 Kg


Product Type:




27ac6190-e1ce-4080-8654-6552aaabbe58 Finland (Fi)


Selling Unit Of Measure:




Iec 60034-1


Starting Of Motor:

Direct Online


(Details of the 1000kg/h Puffed Food Extruder Machine in customer factory Pakistan)

Why choose Loyal 1000kg/h Puffed Food Extruder Machine?

Advantage Of The 1000kg/h Puffed Food Extruder Machine


The Screw Is Made Of Alloy (38Crmoal) By Nitriding Process, High Strength And Wear-Resting.


It Has Good Self-Cleaning Ability And Does Not Need To Discharge Or Clean The Barrel And Screw, When Roasting Or Replacing Of Materials.


Radiator Is Increased On Driving Part For Forced Cooling Effect, And It Ensures Extruder Operate Safely.


It Adopts Speed Adjusted Converter On Feeding System, Extrusion System And Cutting System.


Use Food Grade Stainless Steel Twin Screw Feeding Machine, Guarantees Stable Materials Feeding In The Whole Food Process.


Adopted The Delta Inverters, Ensure The Food Extruder Better Running.


The Gearbox Has Automatic Lubrication Function, With Extends Gear Life.


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